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Tagline: Motivational Adventurer

Travels from: Mazama, WA

Matt Walker believes his greatest passion is helping people extend their awareness and vitality through experiencing the five elements of adventure.

After leading 25 years of expeditions, I started Matt Walker Adventures because I was watching men have huge life-changing experiences on outdoor adventures. But too many men were missing out on huge opportunities to stay grounded and make long-term changes after the trip.

Matt Walker | Motivational Adventure

The Five Elements Of Adventure

High Endeavor

It makes you think bigger about yourself, your life, and your impact.

Uncertain Outcome

The acknowledgement that life is unpredictable, but every possibility is a gift.

Total Commitment

It makes you think bigger about yourself, your life, and your impact.

Tolerance For Adversity

Embracing resilience, no matter the situation. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Great Companionship

Sometimes we walk alone, but the best moments in life are those spent with loved ones.

The experiences we have in the outdoors impact us profoundly. All adventures big or small — from camping with our families, a hike after work, our first summit through the Himalayas – They help us by enriching our relationship to nature, creating new memories, and offering us valuable lessons that transfer back into our daily lives.

Matt Walker believes that epic adventures without solid coaching doesn’t lead to sustainable changes in your life. I was looking for a better way.

By pairing my background in psychology with my experience as a mountain guide, Matt Walker combines an outdoor adventure experience with life-shifting coaching you won’t find anywhere else.

Stress and uncertainty have taken their toll on teams.

  • People are feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, and discontent.
  • Many struggle to remember their passions, what used to really get their blood pumping every day.
  • A lack of adventure has stolen the joy from our work and personal lives.

Keynote Speaking For Audiences That Want More

As a keynote speaker, Matt Walker will take audiences on a rich, story-centric journey through the Five Elements of Adventure.

By the end of our time together, participants have learned how to break out of their comfort zones, reconnect with their passions, operate from a place of clarity, and reflect on what matters most.

I love sharing my life-shifting passion for adventure with audiences large and small. From a core team of 30 executives to a company retreat with 1000 members or more, I believe everyone can benefit from sparking adventure in their lives.

My Workshops Focus On Creating Clarity, Meaningful Conversation, And Moments Of Reflection

I’m passionate about high-performance topics like:

  • The Five Elements of Adventure
  • Full Engagement Leadership: Creating sustainable leadership through clear direction and purpose
  • Uncertain Outcome: Navigating fear, challenge, and uncertainty as a driver for innovation, excellence, and achievement
  • Sustainable Peak Performance: Building capacity in a world of unrelenting demand

By the end of my presentation, your audience will walk away:

  • With greater confidence and clarity
  • More joyful about their lives and career
  • Appreciating the adventure in every moment
  • Reconnected with themselves and their team
  • Inspired to step outside their comfort zones and take on new challenges

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