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Very few people have the ability to combine the adventure world and the business world quite like Matt McFadyen.

For over a decade Matt has worked with organizations all over the world to align leaders, energize culture and build winning teams.

Matt is a world-class speaker and facilitator who addresses, leadership, building high performing teams, motivation and inspiration.

From dragging heavy sleds to the North Pole to sailing small yachts through some of the world’s deadliest oceans, adventurer Matt McFadyen has pushed himself and others to the ends of the earth, testing the limits of human potential.

He has been a leader of teams in some of the toughest conditions on the planet. This includes three record-breaking expeditions to the North Pole & two long-haul sailing trips to Antarctica & in 2013 Matt rowed, sailed & dragged a small boat 2000 miles across the North West Passage.

Matt’s presentations not only inspire and motivate the audience but more importantly challenge them to think and act differently both personally and professionally.

Matt McFadyen | Team Building


Antarctica: A Journey to the Ends of the Earth

As a 22 year old, Matt and 4 others set sail aboard a 43 ft yacht bound for Antarctica on a 54 day expedition across one of the deadliest and dangerous oceans on the planet. After a near fatal storm nearly a thousand miles from land, Matt’s and the teams heroic fight for survival sparked a change in Matt’s life and the event became the foundation of his leadership journey.

A Journey: To Leadership

In five short years, Matt went from being a 22 year old novice adventurer to co leading his 3rd expedition to the North Pole & partnering with PricewaterhouseCoopers on an 18 month firm wide engagement program.

Join Matt as he delivers the insights into his Journey to leadership. Not only will the audience walk away engaged & inspired but they will gain valuable knowledge & tips to accelerate their own journey to leadership.

Beyond the Circle: Getting Outside the Box

In the summer of 2013, Matt McFadyen attempted and successfully completed his most ambitious and challenging expedition to date. Matt and partner Cam Webb rowed, sailed and dragged a 17.5 foot open rowboat across 2,000 miles of ice-choked Arctic waters known as the Northwest Passage. This 41-day expedition would push Matt to both his physical and mental limits.

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