Maria Marin

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In this program you will learn the techniques, strategies, tactics and psychological aspects to negotiation.

Her powerful presentation and charismatic delivery will give any individual the tools and motivation to become a skillful negotiator.

This program’s objective is to motivate women to make changes that will better their lives and above all to believe in themselves.

You will learn to eliminate the obstacles and fears that keep you from accomplishing your goals. It is essential to feel confident to be able to achieve success in…

In this program, Maria Marin will provide you with the necessary strategies and essential steps to strengthen your commitment to accomplishing your personal goals.

You will find out what is preventing you from achieving success, and then you will discover the necessary changes that will lead you…

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  • Los Angeles, CA

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  • Fees* $20,001 - $35,000




Maria Marin is the leading motivational icon among Hispanics worldwide. Her message of motivation, personal growth and success reaches millions through her newspaper columns, best-selling books, international seminars and radio show. As a “life coach” she now reaches thousands of listeners with her national syndicated radio show, “El Show de Maria” on Univision Radio Network. […]

Maria Marin is the leading motivational icon among Hispanics worldwide. Her message of motivation, personal growth and success reaches millions through her newspaper columns, best-selling books, international seminars and radio show.

As a “life coach” she now reaches thousands of listeners with her national syndicated radio show, “El Show de Maria” on Univision Radio Network. The program covers relationships, family and personal growth topics. She has been dedicated to empowering “Latinos” for over ten years

Maria is a bestselling author. Her latest book “Si soy tan buena, Por que estoy soltera?” (“If I am so fabulous, how come I’m single?”) was released in November 2012, and immediately reached the number #1 spot on Amazon’s competitive motivational books category.

Her first two books, “Mujer sin limite” and “Pide mas, espera mas y obtendras mas” also reached the top ten Spanish non-fiction bestsellers list in the US according to Nielsen Bookscan ranking. Recently, Maria launched El Empujoncito de Maria Marin motivational videos in her YouTube channel within over 12,000,000 views.

Maria Marin’s personal experiences is a source of inspiration. Her mother died of breast cancer when she was 9 years old. Her loneliness drove her to find comfort in food, and she struggled with being overweight.

At 15, she faced another battle when she was diagnosed with “Juvenile Diabetes” (Type 1), and from that point had to depending on insulin for the rest of her life. “The adversity I faced in my youth taught me that no matter the challenges you encounter in your life, if you maintain a positive attitude, you can overcome and achieve your dreams,” stated Maria. Currently, she teaches people with diabetes how to cope with their condition, so that they too can enjoy a normal and healthy lifestyle.

She is an honorary national spokesperson for the ADA (American Diabetes Association).

Maria Marin | Latino Empowerment Speaker

Maria started her career teaching the art of negotiation; her extensive training in this field makes her the only Latina to teach negotiating strategies around the world. Whether she is presenting a negotiating seminar to a corporation, or speaking at women’s organization about self-confidence, her knowledge, inspiration and compelling messages have changed people lives forever.

Named one of the most influential women in radio two years running by Radio Ink Magazine (2011, 2010, 2013, 2014), Maria Marin broadcasting talent is also portrayed in her weekly motivational TV segment on Univision’s morning show “Despierta America,” where she uses real life situations to help people make better decisions in their lives. Maria’s motivational message extends well beyond broadcasting.

Maria Marin column is published weekly in over 100 newspapers in the United States and Latin America, and every month her personal-growth writings for People en Espanol motivate over 20 million readers. And when it comes to social engagement, Maria’s equity with her fans exceeds even the most successful social media stories.

Her Facebook fans regularly engage with her message at impressive levels of 110% “talking about this.”

During the last decade, Maria Marin has been honored with national awards as Latina Entrepreneur of the Year 2004 by Latin Business Association, Latina Woman of the Year 2006 by National Latina Business Women Association, and Most Influential Woman in Radio 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014 by Radio Ink Magazine. Every month, more than two million people access Maria’s websites and her social media network.

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