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About:  Kerry Barrett


  • Relatability
  • Video Creation
  • On-Camera Communication
  • Taking Risk


  • Overcoming Fear (Especially as it relates to public speaking)
  • How To Pitch TV Media

Kerry Barrett transformed her crippling fear of public speaking into a celebrated two-decade career as an Emmy-award winning network news anchor, host and reporter. She now leverages her expertise to provide a range of valuable services. 

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Kerry excels in on-camera delivery, using her 25 years of experience in front of the camera to assist corporations, business executives, teams and entrepreneurs/business owners struggling to gain traction through video.

Through her digital and group coaching programs, social media management & video content creation, media training and public speaking on video/on camera confidence and performance coaching, she empowers her clients to overcome mindset and confidence challenges and craft compelling content that attracts followers, generates leads, and drives revenue. 

Kerry Barrett

One of Kerry’s most significant contributions is her proprietary national research study, focusing on “The Relatability Index.” This study emphasizes the importance of being relatable in all aspects of business, life, and leadership communications.

Kerry Barrett has developed her trademarked ranking system, “The Relatability Index,” which she uses to share amusing real-life stories and showcase relatability characteristics. She helps her clients understand their own ranking and provides practical, immediately implementable advice for improvement. 

As an advisor, Kerry offers her expertise to top Fortune 100 companies, guiding them in media training and on-camera readiness for various situations, such as formal talks, media interviews, and everyday sales pitches over Zoom.

Her unique perspective, derived from years in the national media, enables her to teach others how to authentically connect with their audiences and cultivate a genuine rapport. 

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Keynote Topics

Learn from Emmy Award-Winning Anchor, Kerry Barrett, as she shares the story of how she went from plummeting ratings, to an Emmy on her desk – by learning the secret behind the lens. In the cut throat business of television, if you don’t adapt you die. You have to adapt yearly, weekly, even hourly.


What she learned about relatability changed the course of her career, and is now being taught to thousands of people in businesses all over the world. This secret helped her connect with her audience on a massive scale on camera and off, and will help you go from obscurity to authority.


Not only will you learn how to use video to leverage your visibility in a way that puts you ahead of your competition – but you will learn how to take those same skills off camera in your live interactions.


Learn the characteristics of relatability, what they are, why they’re important, take your own Relatability Index quiz, find out where you land on the index, what that means, and how you can improve.


Kerry will show you that magical place of connection that exists outside the script you are following – and helps you lead between the lines. 

  • How To Use the Undervalued Element of Relatability to Influence, Get Employee Buy-In, and Lead
  • What The Emotional and Leadership Traits of Relatability Are
  • Measure Your Own “Relatability Index” and what it means
  • Learn How to Improve Your Score

Is your video falling short of delivering results? Is your confidence taking a hit?.

In today’s business landscape, we’re navigating through a video-centric era.


Video isn’t
just another medium. It’s a catalyst for brand promotion, message sharing, and it’s the
secret ingredient to closing mega deals. But if your videos aren’t sparking magic, it’s
time to reconsider your approach.

Maybe you’ve been there – scrolling through YouTube or TikTok, trying to understand
what makes some content stand out while yours seem to fade into the background.
You end up feeling even worse.


And no, the solution isn’t in AI that churns out monotonous, soulless content. The key
to making meaningful connections is authenticity. It’s about showing up as yourself –
real and unfiltered, with a unique voice that genuinely resonates with your audience.
It may sound challenging, and we know it can be.


When you master this connection, your videos will start to click. They’ll resonate.

They’ll begin to close deals.

Video is a powerful tool, and you CAN make it work for you. Don’t let self-doubt and
fear keep you from harnessing its full potential.

If you’re ready to transform your video content and start generating real results, let us
guide you.

Remember, it’s not just about being on video. It’s about being real on video. Let’s start
your journey to captivating, effective video content today!


Description: Drawing from her own experiences, going into an on-camera career with a debilitating fear of speaking, leaving a lucrative and glamorous TV career in NYC, and starting a business with zero business experience, Kerry deciphers the mindset, method and meaningful motivation to take difficult and scary, but calculated risk as a vehicle to personal and/or professional growth.


For audiences, Kerry answers these thought-provoking and life-changing questions: how does risk influence personal development, how to build confidence and develop new skills, and how risk develops a sense of pride and accomplishment.

The Mindset Required To Make Calculated Risk Part of Your Personal Growth

  • How To Take Risk In Life
  • How To Evaluate Risk
  • How To Implement


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