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About:  Michael Fath

Michael Fath is an American guitarist, composer, and record producer. He is a part of American Crush, a rock project that is signed to Mottow Soundz Records.

Their second record will be released, worldwide, in the 2023. He is also a professional martial artist and holds 22 black belts with various Israeli, Asian, and Filipino disciplines.

Michael has established himself as a truly international phenomenon with a staggering range of instrumental rock, fusion, classical and jazz recordings that have featured unparalleled versatility with both acoustic and electric guitars, and now mandolin. He has been a member of the rock bands Orphan; King Dazzle; The Cherry People; KINGs; Here, Now and Forever; and now, American Crush.

He has released over 40 solo albums and videos, and has produced nearly as many other artists. Michael’s brilliant career is solidly anchored in the practical realities of the music industry. Michael is also a world renowned, professional martial artist and one of the highest ranked Israeli Krav Maga instructors in the world.

Michael Fath | Renowned Guitarist

Michael is extremely articulate about the philosophical and psychological aspects of embarking on a new endeavor, emphasising the importance of not allowing fear of failure to impede progress, but rather to use it as a chance to learn and improve.

Michael Fath passionate and inspiring speeches are extremely provocative. He is a natural entertainer who mesmerizes audiences with his music as well as his presentations.


Michael Fath Topics

  • Leadership Skills
  • Motivation and Improvement
  • Talent and Personal Development
  • Reversing the Ageing Process
  • Youth is Passion and Passion is Youth!

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Keynote Topics

Depending on the audience, venue, corporation, reason/topic for which hired, etc., my message is very clear—finding one’s inner-creativity will absolutely slow down the aging process, and this has empirically been proven.  It’s very simple: “Youth is Passion and Passion is Youth”!
This is not a new concept; however, my presentation and means of achieving are.


True grit, perseverance, dedication, etc., all fine concepts bandied about everywhere, but very few actually know how to implement and achieve.  My actual age never fails to freak someone out (I am always guessed 20+ years younger), and my “health-age” is exactly two decades lower than my chronological one.  This is not an accident nor the ubiquitous response/reason of genetics.  This is gained by “capturing” those special moments as a child, teenager, young adult and thereafter by design.


I know how to do this.


As well, it is not beyond me to perform a guitar piece, quote some of my poetry, demonstrate how to escape a choke or other kind of attack, or even discuss the process of writing a novel—all within the realm of making my point of re-gaining youthful infatuation.  Thing is, one has to truly want it!

We know that drive is based upon: 1) biological motivation; 2) external reward; and, 3) intrinsic behavior—simply put, the fun of solving something.

Even though these are three entirely separated models, they can all be wrapped into my “spirit of three” paradigm, with all elements being able to “touch/influence” each other and facilitating even greater success, much like our recycling symbol.  I know that using this concept of three connected ideas absolutely works and it was the main focus of my motivational treatise “Faces Are Three of Virtuosity”.


Again, my resume speaks for itself, and this is what I teach!


You want to reverse the aging process?  It’s very simple…become young again!


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