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Walking outside is a simple exercise that almost anyone can do to connect with the joy inside themselves.

In her energetic, heartfelt presentation, Joy Regan brings to life how walking with women provides support and connection to ourselves and others. You’ll learn that walking together helps reframe life’s challenges and stresses and nurtures confidence and healthy habits. 

Joy Regan describes how easy it is to reach out to many different women in her Women Walking community to walk one to one, or start a group and test out new places to walk/hike together, and why this simple activity that women connect with intuitively bring happiness and joy to your life.

As founder & CEO of Women Walking, Inc., Joy Regan shares with women that they have the power to connect with their natural joy by taking a walk together.  “Walking side by side with a walking partner links our happiness together,” says Joy, who realized her own lack of community connection after moving to a […]

As founder & CEO of Women Walking, Inc., Joy Regan shares with women that they have the power to connect with their natural joy by taking a walk together.

 “Walking side by side with a walking partner links our happiness together,” says Joy, who realized her own lack of community connection after moving to a new town as a single parent with two teenagers. It was there the vision of Women Walking began to emerge. 

Today Joy Regan facilitates women worldwide in walking together for the pleasurable experience of joyful moments in the outdoors. You’ll learn about the local and global impact of connecting for walks with other women in your community and beyond, and you’ll think about the importance of building genuine partnership and creating balance within your world of life and work. 

Joy Regan | Woman Empowerment

In Joy Regan passionate, energetic talk, Joy reveals how the simple act of walking together with other women can lead to extraordinary moments with these daily benefits:

  • Being in movement outdoors brings you joy 
  • Connecting with nature adds vitality to your day
  • Discovering clarity and balance by feeling good
  • Embracing the magic outside your comfort zone
  • Living with intention of your feminine self
  • Trusting that fresh perspective creates limitless possibilities
  • Immersing in a circle of women adds collective wisdom and balance

“What began as a vision is now my life’s purpose: women walking and talking together, setting the world on fire,” says Joy, who adds, “Women walking together creates positive change – for me, for you, for community, and for the planet. Please join me for a walk.”

The audience leaves with a shift in perspective and an understanding that sparking joy in their own life is attainable every day. They’ll know how walking with women strengthens their connection with themselves, each other and their community, and why this simple activity inspires so much happiness and joy. 

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