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Janine Hamner | Corporate Culture Expert

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA

About:  Janine Hamner | Corporate Culture Expert

After 8 years, Janine Hamner decided to leave and open her own business – taking all that she had learned as well as all that she was seeing about both the challenges that organizations were having integrating Millennials into their organizations and the pressure that same group was exerting on organizations to change.

We’re now in a perfect storm. With the constant cycle of disruption, the Millennial generation being the largest in the workforce, the new Smart Machine Age and era of AI, organizations are being challenged to redefine the roles of their leaders and understand the connection between organizational culture and profitability, staff retention, innovation and sustainability. More than ever, organizations are looking at what creates healthy organizations.

Along the way, I got interested in brain science and, just like what’s happening around culture and leadership, this is a great time to be interested in neuroscience. We’re learning so much about why we do what we do…and how to interrupt the biological pattern and create a deliberate choice. Inevitably, something about our brains always makes it into my keynote talks! And – unless it’s what you want – I make sure to not geek out about it too much! Just enough to illuminate something and, often, help people see that what’s happening isn’t great…and it’s just how we’re wired. In that moment, it makes it both normative so we can get out of shame and blame, and makes it possible to change.

Ok. Enough about me. What’s happening with you and how can I be of service?

Company culture does so much to attract top talent, retain great employees and ensure people operations are always performing at its best. I’m very motivational when speaking about these issues.

If you’re looking inspire, ignite and empower your organization and its people, I hope you’ll consider doing it with me.

Real world experience, academics, and science-based strategies


With more than 10 years studying brain science, degrees from Cornell, MHS and NYU, and more than 30 years as an executive and consultant, Janine’s insights on leadership and culture are rooted in deep experience and understanding. She has developed a science backed path to behavior change.


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Keynote Topics

The top issue on the minds of C-Suite Execs? Attraction and retention of top talent. The problem? Workplace incivility.
Harvard Business Review found that 99% of workers reported that they experienced incivility in the workplace!

In the state of constant disruption in which many organizations find themselves, the new Smart Machine Age and era of AI, organizations are being challenged to redefine the roles of their leaders



Travels from: Los Angeles, CA, USA

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