Alencia Johnson

  • Washington, DC
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Tagline: Political Justice

Talent Highlights

  • Passionate Advocate: Alencia Johnson is a passionate advocate for social justice, equity, and inclusion, leveraging her platform to address pressing issues such as racial inequality, gender justice, and LGBTQ rights.
  • Strategic Communications Expert: With a background in strategic communications and public relations, Alencia brings a wealth of expertise to her keynote presentations, offering valuable insights on effective messaging, storytelling, and media engagement.
  • Intersectional Approach: Alencia’s intersectional approach to advocacy centers on recognizing the interconnected nature of social issues, including race, gender, sexuality, and class. 
  • Empowering Leadership: As a leader in the social justice movement, Alencia inspires others to take action and make a difference in their communities. 
  • Engaging Speaker: Known for her dynamic speaking style and compelling storytelling.

Keynote Topics

Culture is the mighty river that whittles down the stone of intolerance and inflexibility over time.

Specifically, the culture created and curated by Black Americans drives the narrative and influences key players holding the pens to legislation, commerce and more.

Bottom line, Black culture influences everything and everyone, research proves it.

Alencia Johnson has a unique, pressure-tested and proven POV on how public figures, organizations and entire movements have harnessed (popular) culture to ignite major change, and can share how and why cultural leaders in entertainment, tech, fashion, corporate, and additional spaces have a responsibility to take a stand in moments like this.

And for more themed speaking opportunities (e.g. Black History Month), Alencia Johnson can tailor / expand existing messaging to include how oft-forgotten trailblazers in the movement (Black women, Black LGBTQ+ folks, Black disabled activists and more) and laid the groundwork for our current momentum.

Activism and change-making doesn’t just belong to those leading protests or even those with stacked academic credentials.

I’ll energize and equip audiences with real, time-tested tools and perspective on how to be an everyday disruptor right where you are.

Listeners will walk away motivated and inspired knowing how to convert their instincts into insight and finally action, whether in their corporate 9-to-5s, places of worship, schools or wherever.

Through her diverse professional experiences, Alencia Johnson shares key learnings and best practices that connect the dots between social justice and popular culture, weaved in with purpose and my faith.

We’ve all met or seen leaders and wonder, “How do they do that?”

Whether a whiplash career pivot or seemingly early success in a swiftly evolving world, it’s easy to feel pulled and pushed in a million different missional directions while figuring out your own path.

Having the advantage of a career forged over the years at the nexus of politics and policy, reproductive justice, corporate affairs, and popular culture, Alencia Johnson has continued to be led and guided by the north star of her faith, which grounds her and provides her with clear purpose when she will have to both make hard choices, and counsel public figures with their own.

A clear purpose allows us to move seamlessly through careers that others may not be able to define, yet the work still has high impact.

Alencia Johnson leads at the intersection of social justice and culture change, cultivating over a decade of experience marrying cultural cornerstones such as activism, politics, corporate and entertainment together to achieve justice. As Founder and Chief Impact Officer of 1063 West Broad a social impact agency specializing in the intersection of culture, impact and purpose […]

Alencia Johnson leads at the intersection of social justice and culture change, cultivating over a decade of experience marrying cultural cornerstones such as activism, politics, corporate and entertainment together to achieve justice.

As Founder and Chief Impact Officer of 1063 West Broad a social impact agency specializing in the intersection of culture, impact and purpose Alencia connects brands, organizations and people to mission driven solutions.

She has worked for the presidential campaigns of President Barack Obama, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and was a senior advisor to now President-elect Biden’s campaign.

Alencia has also held national roles at Planned Parenthood and GEICO — leading efforts in each organization to address systemic issues facing marginalized communities through brand, engagement and narrative strategies. At Planned Parenthood, she was the architect behind the “Stand With Black Women” branding and framework.

Alencia Johnson | Political Justice

Alencia Johnson has been recognized by Harvard University with a “Woman of the Year” award, EBONY Magazine’s “Power 100” list of influential African Americans and PRWeek’s “40 Under 40” list and more.

She serves on the Warner Music Group and the Blavatnik Family Foundation’s Social Justice Fund board of directors and was appointed to the Virginia Council on Women by Governor Ralph Northam.

Alencia is a sought-after thought leader and cultural critic featured on MSNBC, BET, NPR, Washington Post, ESSENCE, Glamour and more.


Even the best of intentions can have the most harmful impact – so how do we move away from individual motives to change that positively impacts communities?


Our culture thrives on overworked people who are everywhere yet going nowhere. Let’s reimagine a world of healthy, rested, fulfilled people, who understand we can have great impact, work smarter, and more importantly, reclaim our lives that are not just tied to what we produce.

With this caliber of experience, Alencia Johnson is prepared to share practical and passionate advice with audiences on how to stay rooted in their purpose and move effectively as servant leaders in their fields.

Here are five highlights for Alencia Johnson, a dynamic keynote speaker:

  1. Intersectional Advocacy Expertise: Alencia Johnson is a leading voice in the realm of intersectional advocacy. With a deep understanding of the interconnected nature of social justice issues, she provides insightful perspectives on how to address systemic inequalities through an intersectional lens. Her expertise spans topics such as racial justice, gender equality, LGBTQ rights, and economic empowerment, making her a valuable resource for organizations seeking to create more inclusive and equitable environments.
  2. Strategic Communications and Messaging: As a seasoned communications strategist, Alencia Johnson offers invaluable insights into crafting effective messaging for social change. She has worked with a diverse range of clients, from nonprofit organizations to political campaigns, helping them develop compelling narratives that resonate with audiences and drive meaningful action. Alencia’s strategic approach to communication empowers individuals and organizations to effectively convey their values, goals, and advocacy efforts.
  3. Empowering Women of Color Leadership: Alencia Johnson is a passionate advocate for empowering women of color to lead and thrive in their respective fields. Through her own journey as a Black woman in leadership roles, she offers mentorship, guidance, and support to emerging leaders, equipping them with the tools and confidence needed to overcome barriers and achieve success. Alencia’s advocacy for women of color leadership extends beyond rhetoric to actionable strategies for dismantling systemic barriers and creating pathways for advancement.
  4. Innovative Campaigning and Grassroots Mobilization: With a background in grassroots organizing and campaign management, Alencia Johnson is well-versed in the art of mobilizing communities for social change. She has spearheaded innovative campaigns that leverage digital media, storytelling, and grassroots outreach to amplify marginalized voices and mobilize collective action. Alencia’s approach to campaigning emphasizes inclusivity, authenticity, and community engagement, fostering connections and solidarity among diverse groups of activists.
  5. Inspiring and Engaging Keynote Presentations: Alencia Johnson is a dynamic and engaging keynote speaker who captivates audiences with her compelling storytelling, authenticity, and passion for social justice. Whether addressing large conferences, corporate events, or community gatherings, she delivers thought-provoking presentations that inspire, educate, and empower. Alencia’s keynotes challenge conventional thinking, spark meaningful conversations, and motivate individuals to become agents of change in their own communities and beyond.

In summary, Alencia Johnson is a trailblazing keynote speaker whose expertise, advocacy, and leadership have made a significant impact in the realms of intersectional advocacy, strategic communications, women of color leadership, grassroots mobilization, and inspirational speaking. Her dynamic presence and innovative approach make her a sought-after speaker for organizations seeking to drive positive change and create a more just and equitable world.

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