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About:  J Kelly Hoey

J Kelly Hoey is a networking expert, who has been lauded from Forbes (“1 of 5 Women Changing the World of VC/Entrepreneurship”) to Fast Company (“1 of the 25 Smartest Women On Twitter”) to Business Insider (“1 of the 100 Most Influential Tech Women On Twitter”) and Inc. (“1 of the 10 Most Well-Connected People in New York City’s Startup Scene”).

She has been voted as one of the top five global thought leaders and influencers on CRM by Think360. A frequent speaker at leadership conferences, Hoey helps businesses and professionals leverage their formal and informal social networks.

Kelly Hoey, author of Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships In A Hyper-Connected World and I’m out to change how you think, approach and feel about networking.

Building strong people networks is a critical career and life skill – it’s how we reach professional milestones and accomplish big tasks (so yeah, time to stop drinking the solo hero’s journey Kool-Aid). Also, it’s hard – because networking is an activity that involves other people (and let’s face it, we’re weird).

While J Kelly Hoey believe there is no one-size -fits-all formula when it comes to networking, there are a few #BYDN networking truths which will make you a more confident (and considerate) networker:

  • Figure out what you are passionate about, as that passion fuels your networking stamina.
  • Build diverse networks to create a bigger picture of who you are and what your opportunities could be.
  • Accept what you can control when you are building relationships and manage what you cannot.
  • Be amphibious in your approach to networking and while you’re at it, stick to tried + true give & take networking basics whether the networking “room” you’re in is physical or digital.
  • Skip mastering the schmooze! Introverts are great networkers.

Ready to throw the old networking playbook out? Include Kelly’s modern networking know-how as part of your next digital or in-person event or have Kelly create a customized Build Your Dream Network experience for your organization or team.

Her talks are actionable, practical and filled with deceptively simple strategies audiences can implement right away. J Kelly Hoey delivers her content in engaging, interactive formats – before live and virtual audiences. She is also a dynamic moderator and interviewer.

J Kelly Hoey has delivered her #BYDN insights in presentations/workshops with leading organizations, including: Google, Oracle, Cisco, Capital One, Bank of America, Sumitomo Mitsui, Grace Hopper Celebration, Lowe’s, Indiana Conference for Women, Wnet Leadership Summit, Mechanical Contractors Association of America, J.P. Morgan Chase, and many more.

J Kelly Hoey | Networking Expert


Networking Needs a Rebrand

2020 disrupted regular work and gathering routines, and for many this meant adjusting to life behind a computer screen. This sudden isolation was a sharp reminder of just how critical relationships are for our personal and professional well-being—and how vulnerable we are without them. As we emerge from the upheaval, it is the time to ditch the old-networking mindset and reimagine what “real” networking can be.

In this dynamic and engaging talk, J. Kelly Hoey illustrates how co-workers, clients, and collaborators can connect and thrive in a hybrid networking environment. She will illustrate how Zoom, Twitter, and Email are all tools for real networking and why the most successful networkers will be amphibious (blending online and offline networking activities that now need to work in tandem).

Networking To Where You Want To Go

Recent college graduates and new career professionals spend an awful lot of time doing what they think is (or have been told is) networking—often with frustrating results. J. Kelly Hoey is the consummate expert on networking and her actionable techniques and practices will help newer professionals leapfrog from the pack of qualified candidates to a seat at the table.

J Kelly Hoey will talk about actionable ways to close any networking gaps, develop mentorship relationships, and build a career opportunity pipeline. Young professionals will leave with a better understanding of which networks are the most critical as they embark on their careers.

5 Leadership Lessons from Top Networkers

What makes a great leader? For networking expert J. Kelly Hoey, the question is answered by analyzing the skills and attributes of successful networkers. Hoey believes leadership is demonstrated by the choices we make to develop and leverage our networks. 

In this energetic talk, J Kelly Hoey uses powerful research from her book Build Your Dream Network to provide unique lessons about leadership success, offering actionable insights, practical take-aways, and road maps for leaders to enhance their skills—and their relationships too.

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