Hanna Fitz

Tagline: Brand Strategist

Talent Highlights

  • Digital Marketing Maven: Hanna Fitz is a trailblazer in the realm of digital marketing, renowned for her innovative strategies and unparalleled expertise in leveraging online channels to drive business growth.
  • Strategic Brand Builder: With a keen eye for branding, Fitz has a proven track record of crafting compelling brand narratives and enhancing brand visibility across diverse digital platforms.
  • Dynamic Speaker and Educator: As a captivating speaker and educator, Fitz has empowered countless individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the digital age.
  • Entrepreneurial Visionary: With a knack for identifying emerging trends and seizing new opportunities, Fitz embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring others to embrace innovation and pursue their passions.
  • Passionate Advocate for Women in Business: Committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in the business world, Fitz is a passionate advocate for women in business, championing their empowerment and advancement at every turn.

Keynote Topics

The Most Powerful Woman In Any Room


In this powerful talk/workshop the audience will learn: How to Identify Your Limitless New Chapter and the Next Evolution of your Brand. Develop A Clear Mission-Driven Statement for Your Next Level Brand.

Distinguish Between What You Are Doing (Transaction) vs. What Your Brand (Connection) Being the Possibility of In the World To Lead Your Market. Map Out The Path To Creating and Expanding Your Global Platform.

Live Your Passion While Doing Meaningful Work in the World


It is not enough to have a world-class product, be better, faster, more efficient or better results to get you recognized as the industry leader or command a higher price and get it with ease.

Think about it. It is never the best singer, politician, or even luxury designer that becomes the industry superstar. The world is filled with talented people.

What separates these “stand out brands” from the rest is the IT FACTOR.

In this talk, the audience will learn about the 4 IT FACTOR strategies including how the world’s leading brands, Hollywood and even politicians leverage Jungian archetypes to win over the market.

Lead and Live Like A Goddess


Many women still question their value, afraid to ask for more, show up more boldly and claim their worth in their business and personal life even having more degrees than a thermometer and more experience than the Tiktoker who uses Chat GPT, and is an overnight expert making $1m a year.

In this powerful workshop the audience will discover how to claim their worth in business and life. Insights on how to develop the confidence to ask for higher fees or salaries and become more visible with a powerhouse brand presence that reflects their brilliance.

They will discover the powerful choice that high-value women who get what they want make that most women don’t and how to cultivate power from the inside out to claim their worth in the world.

Including creating a powerful personal brand.

A Guide To Releasing Your Inner Critic and Taking Powerful Action Towards Your Goals


In this talk, the audience will understand how to develop “REAL CONFIDENCE” and INNER KNOWING so that you BE IT not Fake IT.

The fact is, many women, despite having achieved some success that others admire and look up to, still feel inadequate. There is this persistent feeling that people will find out you’re not as competent or successful as you seem.

There has been an ever-present sense that there is more available yet, despite your best effort, you’re just not able to step into that higher level of abundance, freedom and success you see is possible for you.

The audience will discover the keys to developing emotional authority to silence that inner critic.

  • How to reconnect with their authentic nature and true essence by making the distinction between being accepting and acceptable.
  • How to trust your inner guidance to lead with greater conviction.
  • How to set goals that set you up to win so that your winning confidence grows.


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Travels from:

  • New York, NY

Fee Range:

  • Fees* $20,001 - $35,000




Hanna Fitz stands as a beacon of reinvention and rebranding, guiding premium positioning for experts and bespoke brands. With over 12 years of illustrious experience as a consultant and coach, Hanna has garnered a reputation for her transformative insights, catering to luxury award-winning brands in diverse sectors across 5 continents globally. Through her captivating talks, […]

Hanna Fitz stands as a beacon of reinvention and rebranding, guiding premium positioning for experts and bespoke brands. With over 12 years of illustrious experience as a consultant and coach, Hanna has garnered a reputation for her transformative insights, catering to luxury award-winning brands in diverse sectors across 5 continents globally. Through her captivating talks, unwavering expertise, and strategic acumen, Hanna has empowered thousands to not only achieve professional success but also to craft lives brimming with fulfillment and meaning.

Hanna Fitz | Expert Brand Strategist

Hanna Fitz: A Trailblazer in Reinvention and Rebranding

Hanna Fitz is a trailblazer, relentlessly driving forward the principles of reinvention and rebranding in the realm of premium positioning. With a career spanning over a decade, Hanna has honed her craft as a consultant and coach, specializing in curating exceptional experiences for luxury award-winning brands. Her journey has taken her across continents, delving into the intricacies of industries ranging from travel and design to retail and service-based entrepreneurship.

Hanna’s approach to reinvention transcends the conventional, weaving together a tapestry of innovation, strategy, and unparalleled insight. Her methodologies are grounded in a deep understanding of consumer behavior, market dynamics, and the ever-evolving trends shaping the global landscape. Whether revitalizing a brand’s image, redefining its market positioning, or fostering innovation within organizational structures, Hanna’s expertise serves as a catalyst for transformative change.

The Power of Hanna’s Talks

Central to Hanna Fitz’s impact is her ability to inspire, educate, and empower through the spoken word. Her talks are not merely presentations but transformative experiences, designed to provoke thought, ignite passion, and catalyze action. Drawing upon her wealth of experience and diverse expertise, Hanna delivers insights that resonate deeply with audiences across cultures and industries.

Through her talks, Hanna distills complex concepts into actionable strategies, offering audiences a roadmap to success in both their professional and personal endeavors. From navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship to fostering creativity in design, Hanna’s messages are as versatile as they are profound. Her unique blend of storytelling, humor, and authenticity captivates audiences, leaving an indelible impression long after the applause has faded.

Why Choose Hanna Fitz through Speakers Inc?

Event planners seeking to elevate their programming to unparalleled heights would be remiss not to consider Hanna Fitz through Speakers Inc. Here are just a few compelling reasons why Hanna is the ideal choice for your next event:

  1. Unrivaled Expertise: With over 12 years of hands-on experience in consulting and coaching for luxury award-winning brands, Hanna brings a depth of expertise that is unmatched in the industry. Her insights are not theoretical but rooted in real-world success stories, making her a trusted authority on reinvention and rebranding.
  2. Global Perspective: Having worked with clients on 5 continents, Hanna possesses a unique understanding of cultural nuances and market dynamics that transcend geographical boundaries. Her global perspective allows her to tailor her talks to diverse audiences, ensuring maximum impact and resonance.
  3. Transformative Impact: Hanna’s talks are more than just presentations—they are catalysts for transformative change. Whether your audience consists of entrepreneurs, executives, or creatives, Hanna’s messages resonate deeply, inspiring action and driving results.
  4. Customized Solutions: Recognizing that one size does not fit all, Hanna collaborates closely with event planners to tailor her talks to the specific needs and objectives of each audience. Whether you’re seeking to ignite innovation, boost morale, or drive growth, Hanna delivers customized solutions that exceed expectations.
  5. Engaging Delivery: Hanna’s dynamic speaking style, coupled with her innate charisma and warmth, ensures that audiences are captivated from start to finish. Her talks are not only informative but also entertaining, leaving attendees inspired and energized to take on new challenges.

In summary, Hanna Fitz is not just a speaker; she is a catalyst for transformation, a beacon of inspiration, and a partner in success. By choosing Hanna through Speakers Inc, event planners can rest assured that they are selecting a speaker who will elevate their event to unforgettable heights.

In conclusion, Hanna Fitz’s journey as a consultant and coach has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence, a commitment to innovation, and a passion for empowering others. Through her talks, Hanna has transcended boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on audiences worldwide. Event planners seeking to create truly unforgettable experiences would be wise to choose Hanna Fitz through Speakers Inc, where expertise meets inspiration, and transformation becomes reality.

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