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About:  Filipo Levi | Tackle Your Success

Filipo Levi is a natural leader having captained international Samoan rugby team and various local from 2000 – 2013. Filipo has played professional rugby for 13 years in Japan, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, England, South Africa, Wales and New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga and Fiji in the Pacific.

He understands what it takes for teams to perform in high-pressure situations. Having played against some of the most revered teams and players in the world, he has experienced the sheer physical and mental intensity needed to face such monumental challenges.

Filipo has translated this experience into various keynotes and high-performance programs, helping clients unleash their true potential and paving the way towards both personal and professional success.

Filipo Levi is a board member of the Professional Speakers Association New Zealand, a business owner, a professional speaker, an author, a business coach and a consultant.

Filipo Levi | Tackle Your Success

He has worked and spoken with global companies, including GWF, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, KPMG New Zealand, IAG, BNZ, Westpac, Downer, Powermax Consulting Group, VEND Tech company, Virtual Speakers Association International, Philippines Association Speakers.

Filipo was part of the Manu Samoa squad at the 2007 Rugby World Cup, but a severe eye socket injury forced him out of the tournament. He was a member of the Manu Samoa squad at the 2011 Rugby World Cup and played his final game winning against Fiji at Eden Park.

In 2008 Filipo took over the Manu Samoa captaincy after long time captain Semo Sititi focused on playing and all but retired from International duties.

In 2011 Filipo again Captained Manu Samoa against Ikale Tahi Tonga in Fiji before playing the Wallabies Australian Rugby team where Manu Samoa were victorious in Sydney.

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Keynote Topics

Facing the HAKA will help you develop yourself into an effective leader with all the tools, techniques and strategies that will enable you to lead your team through change and disruption.


We know that change is inevitable, and it’s time to face the challenge.


We know how important it is for businesses to adapt quickly enough to stay ahead of the competition. You need people on board that understand what needs changing and why, but more importantly, how they can contribute towards making it happen.


The keynote workshop has been developed by experts with years of experience in high performance and helping companies achieve success through transformation change.


We work closely with our clients every step of the way so we can ensure everyone understands exactly what needs doing and why before any changes are made or implemented within your organisation.


Covid-19 has changed businesses, the environment, communities, and our country’s social and economic fabric. As leaders investing in your leadership and your teams beyond the crisis is crucial in the next normal. Building resilience and strengthening a growth mindset culture will help you and your organisation’s future.




  • Adaptability in uncertainty and knowing when to change strategy when it is not working.
  • Learn and apply the HAKA framework of knowledge and kindness that will empower your leadership and make you a successful leader.
  • Why your Attitude will determine your Altitude in overcoming fear and leading courageously using the HAKA.

Sustainable Indigenous Leadership


Tautua is a sustainable way of leading by serving. Polynesian values are about respect, humility, kindness and relationships.


For over 3000 years, Samoan people migrated from Asia and navigated and discovered the Pacic Ocean and Pacic Islands. We navigated from Asia to Madagascar and South America, implementing ancient navigational technology.


Leadership is changing; it is all about our indigenous values-based approach. In times of crisis, we must come together, putting people first over anything in the world.


We need to change how we work and do business with the principles of TAUTUA, the new sustainable way of leading by serving and serving to lead.


The Ancient Samoan proverb:


O le ala i le pule o le tautua

The pathway to leadership is through service


This proverb summarises leadership through TAUTUA Servant Warrior Sustainable Indigenous Leadership.




  • Learn the 7 TAUTUA Servant Armour principles and apply them to your business
  • Apply the concepts of TAUTUA into your business systems to create sustainable change
  • Learn the art of TAUTUA communication and tool that enhance empathetic listening and questions that empathise understanding with love, respect and care for your people.

Is your team disengaged from all this lockdown? Have they hit the wall? Are they frustrated? If so, then you know that the most important part of your business is your people.


Your teams are a reection of how well you lead and motivate them. And when it comes to keeping up with constant challenges like lockdowns, digital transformation, climate change and diversity and inclusion – it can be tough to keep everyone on board and engaged


That’s why we created our special training for teams in the post- Covid-19 for leaders who want to help their teams stay motivated and engaged at work.


We help you with our T.A.C.K.L.E methodology in creating new ways of learning and understanding our current challenges. For example, digital transformation, culture, engagement, diversity and inclusion.




  • You will learn how to implement the T.A.C.K.L.E framework for your teams.
  • Why a growth mindset will help you in your leadership and give you tools and strategies to grow your team.
  • How your attitude to adapt to new environments is important to transitioning and being open to feedback to feedforward.


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