Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins

Tagline: Culture Strategy

Talent Highlights

  • Cultural Strategy Expert: Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins is an award-winning cultural strategist, renowned for her expertise in fostering impactful diversity within organizations.
  • Fortune 100 Experience: With a background in human resources divisions of Fortune 100 companies, Lisa brings invaluable insights into navigating multicultural workplaces.
  • Dynamic Speaker: Lisa captivates audiences with her engaging and transparent communication style, leaving a lasting impression and inspiring positive change.
  • Broad Expertise: Lisa’s expertise spans diverse topics including multicultural workforces, diversity, equity, inclusion, intergenerational communication, and reintegration of formerly incarcerated individuals into the workforce.

Keynote Topics


Format: ​1 – 1.5 hour breakout / 1.5 – 3 hour workshop

Perfect for employees and volunteers at all levels who are part of a multicultural team and who desire to leverage differences for a successful and productive outcome.  

Also great for work spaces where diversity is scarce. Participants will learn the value of a diverse space and how it can transform the momentum, productivity and overall well-being of individuals and the organization from Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins.

Develop a clear definition of culture and why it’s important for a strong and successful team 

Understand how culture influences the decisions we make in the workplace

A custom PDF Workbook can be made available.


Format: ​1 – 1.5 Hour Breakout OR 1.5 – 3 hour Workshop

Let’s face it. Everyone is bias to a degree. It’s human nature. However, organizations who seek to overcome unconscious bias produce strong, productive teams.

Takeaways for this presentation are:

  • Define and recognize unconscious bias
  • Recognize the importance of unconscious bias in the workplace
  • Identify strategies to counter unconscious bias

A custom PDF Workbook can be made available.


Format: ​1 – 1.5 Hour Breakout or 1.5 – 3 hour Workshop

For the first time, organizations often have 5 generations working together in one location.

This program is perfect for employees and volunteers who desire to bridge the gaps in intergenerational communications with the intent of a more productive and stronger team.

Program Takeaways:

  • Understand the different generations
  • Recognize and avoid intergenerational clashes
  • Virtual & In-person
  • ASL Interpreter Available

Travels from:

  • New York, NY

Fee Range:

  • Fees* $5,001 - $10,000




Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins is a distinguished cultural strategist renowned for her expertise in cultivating environments of impactful cultural diversity within organizations. With a track record of excellence, she has garnered recognition as an award-winning professional speaker, empowering teams to thrive in multicultural settings. Lisa’s journey is enriched by her diverse background, including pivotal roles […]

Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins is a distinguished cultural strategist renowned for her expertise in cultivating environments of impactful cultural diversity within organizations. With a track record of excellence, she has garnered recognition as an award-winning professional speaker, empowering teams to thrive in multicultural settings. Lisa’s journey is enriched by her diverse background, including pivotal roles in human resources divisions of Fortune 100 companies. Her fervent commitment lies in equipping teams with the tools to maximize productivity through cultural competency, making her a revered figure in corporate America, academia, and civic engagement circles.

Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins | Culture Strategy

Expertise and Background

Lisa’s profound expertise stems from her multifaceted career trajectory, which has seen her navigate through various sectors with finesse. Her professional tenure in Fortune 100 companies’ human resources divisions provided her with firsthand insights into the complexities of multicultural workplaces. It is from this rich experience that Lisa honed her passion for fostering inclusive cultures that bolster individual empowerment and team cohesion. Moreover, as an adjunct lecturer within the country’s largest urban university system, Lisa imparts knowledge on multicultural studies and cultural diversity, enriching the next generation of leaders with invaluable insights.

As a sought-after facilitator, trainer, and lecturer, Lisa’s expertise spans a broad spectrum of crucial topics. She delves into the intricacies of multicultural workforces, offering actionable strategies to harness their full potential. Lisa is equally adept at addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, guiding organizations towards fostering environments of belonging. Her insights extend to intergenerational communication, illuminating pathways to bridge generational divides within teams. Additionally, Lisa advocates for the integration of formerly incarcerated individuals into the workforce, championing inclusivity and second chances.

Why Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins Should Be Booked by Event Planners

Event planners seeking to elevate their events to unparalleled heights should look no further than Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins. With her dynamic and engaging style of communication, she possesses the unique ability to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. Lisa’s breadth of expertise in multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion equips her to tailor presentations that resonate with diverse audiences. Her sessions are not mere lectures but transformative experiences that empower individuals and inspire organizational change. By booking Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins, event planners ensure that their attendees are equipped with actionable strategies to navigate the complexities of today’s diverse workplaces.

Lisa’s unwavering dedication to fostering inclusive cultures makes her an invaluable asset for any event aiming to promote diversity and equity. Her thought-provoking insights challenge conventional wisdom and ignite meaningful conversations that transcend borders and boundaries. Event planners can trust Lisa to deliver sessions that not only educate but also inspire individuals to embrace diversity as a cornerstone of organizational success. By inviting Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins to speak at their events, planners signal their commitment to creating environments where every voice is heard and valued.

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Summary and Conclusion

In summary, Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of cultural strategy, empowering organizations to embrace diversity and foster inclusive cultures. With a distinguished career spanning Fortune 100 companies, academia, and civic engagement, Lisa brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every speaking engagement. Her dynamic presentations on multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion resonate with audiences across various sectors, inspiring positive change and driving organizational success. Event planners seeking to enrich their events with transformative insights should consider Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins a must-have addition to their lineup.

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