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A radically new idea looks crazy at first–until it works. Then, it’s the Right Kind of CRaZY. This presentation has received accolades from business leaders in companies all over the world—primarily because Kevin demystifies innovation and shows how to cultivate the Right Kind of CRaZY to thrive.

Audience Takeaways

  • Make it safe for people to question the unquestionable.
  • Learn to spot trends with your radar always on and antenna up.
  • Think like an outsider to load your pipeline with great ideas.
  • Learn how to navigate the messy, uncomfortable part of innovation

Innovators see things others can’t, not because they are smarter or more creative, but rather because they’ve developed a different way of looking at the world.

Find out what CRaZY would look like in your world.

The “way we’ve always done it” dies hard. After all, it has one of the most powerful forces on the planet as its ally. Fear.

Fear is the enemy of change, thief of desire and champion of complacency. Learn the characteristics of people who move with a sense of urgency and say “yes” to new ideas, new relationships, new business models, new products and new markets.

Audience Takeaways

  • Learn to think like an insurgent, not an incumbent.
  • Inspire opportunity-led vs. crisis-driven change.
  • Use limitations as springboards to creativity.
  • Learn what it looks like to be coachable, to get smarter, better, faster.

Across the globe, people expect organizations to have meaningful social impact. In the future, if you can’t demonstrate that you are legitimately doing something to make the world better, you won’t be in business. When the business becomes a cause what follows is a movement, and people opt-in to movements.

Audience Takeaways

  • Learn the ONE THING that inspires employees to come to work fully awake, fully engaged, and firing on all cylinders.
  • Customers don’t buy products, they buy BETTER VERSIONS of themselves.
  • Learn the ONE THING that inspires them to become brand fanatics.

Define your business as a noble, heroic cause and watch your people reach higher, move faster and own more! Then, you will stand out in a sea of sameness.

If you didn’t have a title would anyone follow you? Forget titles, status and power.

Leadership is about recognizing the potential in people and ideas and then bravely stepping into the arena to develop that potential.

Are you a Hall of Fame coach in your industry?

You can’t lead an unstoppable team, celebrate big wins or build a dynasty without raw talent, a strategic mindset and the heart of a champion.

This limited experience is an opportunity to tap into the insights of a champion who speaks from a long career of tough losses and big wins.

Travels from:

  • Los Angeles, CA

Fee Range:

  • Fees* $10,001 - $20,000




Dr. Kevin Freiberg possesses the kind of disruptive thinking that will help you get there. His books and speeches have shaped the thinking of executives in more than 2,000 companies in 60 industries across the globe—leaders who now believe they have the power to change themselves, disrupt their businesses and revolutionize their industries. Dr. Kevin […]

Dr. Kevin Freiberg possesses the kind of disruptive thinking that will help you get there. His books and speeches have shaped the thinking of executives in more than 2,000 companies in 60 industries across the globe—leaders who now believe they have the power to change themselves, disrupt their businesses and revolutionize their industries.

Dr. Kevin Freiberg is on a short list of global thought leaders that Fortune 1000 CEOs turn to for the kind of disruptive thinking that drives growth and gets people excited about the future.

The world has changed! There will be no new normal.

We know that you are looking for new ways to keep your people engaged and connected because the old ways won’t work anymore. Helping your people navigate the uncharted waters we’re in is foundational to the survival and success of your businesses.

The challenge is learning how to do this in a virtual world. Yet, now is the time to double down on driving leadership, accelerating innovation and change and building a high-performance team, even if it has to be done virtually.

Dr. Kevin Freiberg | Corporate Culture Expert

Kevin Freiberg offers three virtual paths forward designed to connect, challenge and engage people working in different locations.

You have three options:

1. live-stream (or recorded) 60-75-minute virtual keynote with Q&A and slides
2. virtual keynote delivered in five 15-minute (live or recorded) segments delivered once a day/week/month with Q&A and slides
3. virtual coaching one-on-one or with your team

Imagine what could happen if your people had the courage, reassurance and direction they need to nimbly adapt to changing conditions and to rise strong together—to consider multiple scenarios and have strategies in place to rebound quickly. Imagine the impact you could have with a team that is creative, accountable and able to capitalize on new opportunities.

Regardless of how many speakers you’ve hired, you’ll be hard pressed to find a speaker who does as much customizing as Dr. Kevin Freiberg.

If you want a keynote that truly speaks the language of your business and addresses the nuances of your industry, Dr. Kevin Freiberg is the speaker to book. Over 2000 companies in 60 industries across the globe have given Kevin rave reviews.

His insights have helped ambitious leaders accelerate innovation, and STAND OUT in a sea of sameness by building companies that are hungry for change.

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