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How will this talk help attendees?

C-suite executives and, in particular CMOs, know brand experiences provide a route to retaining relevance.

But many struggle to structure then lead BX building initiatives with confidence and conviction.

Dr. Darren Coleman talk solves that problem by sharing a simple yet intuitive three step brand experience building blueprint which is based on my recently published book, Building Brand Experiences: Practical Guide to Retaining Brand Relevance (Kogan Page).

How will this talk help attendees?

Services predominate in developed markets, frequently accounting for over 80% of GDP. But the characteristics of a services brand present executives with unique challenges. For instance, services are intangible, never owned by the person who uses them and tend to be delivered by people – who can have good and bad days. 

A paradox also plagues a services brand. Senior executives have a large say in how things are done but play a small part in actual delivery.

For instance, it’s the receptionist at a hotel and not the CEO that determines how you felt about your check in experience. Knowing how to address these and other specific service brand issues are critical executive-level skills this keynote will address.

How will this talk help attendees?

World-class brands have already moved beyond digital marketing. They are marketing in a digital world where data, connected devices and people combine to facilitate delivery of personalised brand experiences. Understanding how to deliver brand experiences in a post-digital world is a challenge some brands are starting to embrace.

To succeed, focus, clarity and consistency are required across the entire brand experience. This scale of this challenge is amplified by consumer demands for increased transparency driven by diminishing trust. Dr. Darren Coleman talk will provide attendees ’ with practical tools and insights that help them not just to survive but thrive in the post-digital world.

How will this talk help attendees?

Senior executives who work in corporate finance, professional services, consulting etc., tend to overlook the importance of emotion when building brand experiences. Price, capability, reputation and track record of delivery are seen as key drivers of client choice.

True, these are important but this talk will help attendees understand why emotion is the trump card when it comes to building experiences at B2B services brands. More importantly, attendees will learn how they can go about building brand experiences that resonate emotionally with clients and drive brand performance.

What will attendees be able to do differently after this talk?

Attendees of this keynote will obtain a deep and scientific understanding of why emotion drives choice and know how to use this knowledge to their advantage when building brand experiences at B2B services brands.

  • How to align your people, brand and digital transformation
  • How will this talk help attendees?

A lot of CMOs dive head first into building brand experiences with a focus being on digital. Engaging then involving their employees with the brand experience building process is often overlooked. Informed CMO’s develop close working relationships with their HR counterparts to align strategic thinking and operational processes to ensure people, brand and technology are aligned. This talk will show attendees how to do this.

What will attendees be able to do differently after this talk?

Use a take away tool that will help attendees align brand and human resources when building experiences that have a digital focus. Dr. Darren Coleman will help them to deliver more consistent digital brand experiences.

How will this talk help attendees?

Demonstrating how brand experiences drive financial performance is a challenge even the most seasoned executives face.

Dr. Darren Coleman keynote outlines how senior marketing executives can command more respect in the boardroom by measuring brand experiences in a more rigorous, rounded and scientifically robust way.

What will attendees be able to do differently after this talk?

Understand the importance of obtaining employee, brand and financial measures over sustained periods.

Members of the audience will also receive practical measurement advice so they will leave the keynote with actionable insights they can start working on straight away.

Other topics include brand strategy, brand communications, employee engagement, place branding and employer branding.

However, brand experiences, B2B branding and services branding (or a combination of all three!) are Dr. Darren Coleman specialist areas.

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  • London, UK

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  • Fees* $10,001 - $20,000




Dr. Darren Coleman has over 20 years brand marketing experience spanning Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and Japan. He specialises in helping services brands retain relevance through the experiences they build. Johnson & Johnson, BUPA, Dubai Properties, Maybank, Orange, Saudi Telecom Company, Ooredoo and PepsiCo are amongst the brands he has helped. Dr. […]

Dr. Darren Coleman has over 20 years brand marketing experience spanning Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and Japan. He specialises in helping services brands retain relevance through the experiences they build.

Johnson & Johnson, BUPA, Dubai Properties, Maybank, Orange, Saudi Telecom Company, Ooredoo and PepsiCo are amongst the brands he has helped.

Dr. Darren Coleman| Marketing Expert

Darren has also advised the British, Chinese and Lithuanian governments on brand marketing related issues.

He helped launch the world’s first location based services retail offer (similar to Facebook Places) in the UK and was also responsible for Orange Group’s multimedia messaging services across continental Europe to a user base of approximately 55m users.

Dr. Darren Coleman is frequently invited to deliver keynote talks at international conferences, moderate panel discussions and roundtables, sit on expert panel boards and comment on brand-related issues in national and international media.

Due to Dr. Darren Coleman engaging and highly facilitated approach, Darren is regularly called upon to speak at in-house conferences and run in-house management sessions at executive away days or retreats.

Dr. Darren Coleman runs executive-level workshops around the globe and is frequently asked to guide and mentor senior executive team on brand-related issues.

Further to this he is a Visiting Lecturer in Corporate Brand Management at the University of Warwick.

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