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As founder and CEO of Mindset Digital, Debra Jasper, Ph.D., applies her deep passion for powerful storytelling to helping professionals capture attention in a digital age.

Debra has given talks to more than 50,000 professionals around the world, from the Australian Global Internet Conference to Sweden’s Schibsted Academy and the Ukrainian Council of Ministers.

Today, tens of thousands of professionals are enrolled in her firm’s highly visual online training courses, where they earn certifications in the Social Selling Habit and Marketing in a Social World.

Before launching her digital transformation firm, Debra Jasper directed Ohio State’s Kiplinger Program in the John Glenn School of Public Affairs, where she launched the first social media fellowship for journalists in the world— working with CNN, 60 Minutes, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and other top newsrooms.

Debra spent more than a decade as an award-winning journalist, covering presidential campaigns and state politics and producing in-depth, investigative projects. She earned two degrees in journalism, along with a Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership from Ohio State (she wrote her dissertation on the art of powerful storytelling in Appalachia).

As part of her work, Debra Jasper is immersed in studying mega trends, micro trends, culture shifts as well as leading digital transformations that move legacy workforces from reluctance to relevance.

In this time of short attention spans and hyper-distraction, Debra Jasper also teaches leaders how to write and present with clarity and impact.

Debra Jasper | Digital Marketing


The New Realities

Three Communication Shifts You Can’t Afford to Ignore
The challenge today is no longer getting your message out. There are more channels than ever: blogs, Twitter, Instagram—the list goes on. The real challenge for your organization is getting your message in—getting your hyper-distracted audience to take time to engage with you.

So, what works? In this time of short attention spans and high expectations, this high-impact, high energy session demonstrates how to more effectively communicate and connect in a digital age.

We’ll examine how to:
• break through the noise and build strong connections with clients and colleagues
• leverage the latest visual storytelling techniques
• write and present in powerful new ways that wow a crowd
• build your personal brand
• discover not just what’s now but what’s next

LinkedIn Lab

Selling in a Social World
In this fast-paced, interactive break-out, Debra Jasper will help you not only better understand the LinkedIn platform but also teach practical, hands-on strategies to:

Polish Your Profile
• Write an effective, personable summary
• Use keywords for search visibility
• Stand out from the crowd and amplify your professional brand
• Add content to your profile to drive traffic and increase your credibility

Leverage Your Network
• Find and connect with potential clients

Stay Connected
• Find and improve your Social Selling Index score

SOS: Write for Action

Aka: You Have 8 Seconds – GO!
Debra will discuss the art of the mastering the average 8-second user attention window and getting engagement where it would otherwise be impossible. You’ll learn what it takes to grab them by the clickers and bust through all the distractions that stand between you and those golden conversion rates you’re looking for.

• Learn about how smart marketers are getting clicks
• Get ready for coming tech like AI, chatbots, and emotion analytics
• Leverage new tech and methodologies that get results

You’ll gain valuable insights that Debra has honed and developed over many years on how keeping your content “short, organized, and skimmable” will boost engagement and bring you faster responses, and more lasting engagement from your audience. She’ll explain the fine art of holding on to the elusive attention span of the average Internet user, and how to avoid distracting jargon.


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