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About:  David JP Phillips

David JP Phillips was raised in a small town in Sweden. When he was 14 years old, his mom gave him a book that would change his entire life.

The book was no other than Jean Paul Sartre’s “Existentialism”. Reading the book sparked this 14-year-old boy’s interest for how the brain truly works and why us humans react the way we do.

For instance, why does someone say “maybe” instead of “yes”, “should” instead of “recommend” or “actually” instead of “is”?

The young boy started reading more and more, in hopes of getting a grip of the 1,2kg lump of grey substance located between our ears. Fast forward a few years, David JP Phillips was now turning 17.

To get the full understanding of what this meant, you need to know that due to Swedish tradition, especially in small towns, there are only about three optional paths to take for someone soon-to-be 18.

Option 1 is to start saving for your first car. You will also save money so you can customize it with cool stickers and exhausts.

Option 2 is to start playing a sport, hoping that you will become a star.

Option 3 is to be stuck at the local hamburger joint and never ever leave that small village.

David JP Phillips

David JP Phillips realized that he did not fit into any of these three options and chose a new path, the path of creating a new way of educating mankind in presentation skills from a biological aspect. Instead of a car, he started saving for his first EEG (Electroencephalograph) machine.

It took David JP Phillips a while to be able to afford it, but when the day came for the EEG´s arrival he immediately shaved his head and smeared silicone paste all over the scalp. He then connected 16 electrodes and started to read his own sinus curves on a monitor, curios to see how his brain reacted in different situations.

That planted the first seed in what would become one of Sweden’s biggest companies in Presentation skills and Communication. Today, we educate people in what many fear the most, even more than death itself. That is, to stand in front of an audience and deliver a presentation.

David JP Phillips teaches people how to become extraordinary in Presentation skills, Sales and Leadership using our own unique formula. We use techniques scientifically proven to work based on the latest findings on how the brain works easily provided in a lecture or class you simply cannot miss.

Have you ever felt that you didn´t deliver that message that you wanted, the way you wanted to? Did your audience not seem that interested in what you were saying? Did nobody remember what you talked about during your last presentation or sales pitch?

Then we are here for you!

David JP Phillips is an international speaker, author, coach and a global authority on public speaking, communication and self-leadership. He is currently running two successful training companies, one in the US and one in Sweden.


Death by Powerpoint

Duration: 80-100 minutes

Today’s most relevant seminar? This could very well be the case. According to Swedish studies PowerPoint is used in 92% of all presentations. 81% of these presentations were deemed “terrible” by the employees. But why is that and what is it that makes them so terrible? PowerPoint is one of the absolute best visual aids, but only when used correctly.

For two hours, we will take you on an entertaining and fascinating journey of Cognitive Science, Neurology and Psychology on how to make a PowerPoint brilliant.

Fun, creative and inspiring presentations are exemplified and interspersed with tips and advice. When the seminar is over the participants are guaranteed to never see PowerPoint in the same way again, and they will know exactly what to do with it.


  • Death By PowerPoint
  • Why PowerPoint
  • What is good
  • What is bad
  • Manuscript
  • PowerPoint is not a manuscript
  • Examples and exercises
  • Other visual aids
  • The benefit of using other visual aids
  • Brief introductions to Prezi
  • Presentation tips
  • 8 practical presentation tips on how to present using PowerPoint as a visual aid.
  • Design tips
  • 10 design tips on how to design a perfect PowerPoint and which pitfalls to avoid.
  • Several examples and three exercises

Number of Participants:
No restriction

The Magical Science of Storytelling

Length: 60 minutes


Based on David JP Phillips hugely popular TEDx talk ”The magical science of storytelling”, David JP Phillips takes on a journey, or actually several journeys making us feel the power and the progression of strategic storytelling. The seminar will give you insights to the power of storytelling, practical and simple techniques on how to enhance your stories and most amazing of all, how specific stories change our biochemistry.

Our brain is created, or rather completely optimized, for storytelling. With new studies literally pouring down around the topic we are now able to pinpoint, at a neurological, psychological and biological level, exactly why storytelling is so powerful and how to use it effectively to persuade, either with the purpose of selling, convincing or teaching someone something.

In this lecture from David JP Phillips, you will experience the effects of good storytelling, but most importantly, you will gain a deeper understanding of why and how storytelling works. Just like all our other lectures, we will introduce several practical techniques and tools, in order for you to be able to deliver a story that sells, are convincing and creates memories within the listeners brain. The lecture is practical, useful and entertaining.

Target group:

The lecture is aimed at sellers, trainers, leaders and basically anyone with a job benefitting from being convincing and memorable will primarily gain use of the lecture. David JP Phillips is entertaining.


  • The brain on storytelling
  • Which hormones storytelling triggers and their differentiating psychological effects
  • Effective Storytelling techniques — the world’s most effective communication tool
  • Simple and effective techniques to enhance your stories.
  • Stories of inspiration and practical tips
  • 1 storytelling exercise for the participants (only 60 minutes)

Number of participants:

No restriction

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