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Dale Choquette | Emotional Intelligence

  • Vancouver, BC, Canada

About:  Dale Choquette | Emotional Intelligence

Dale Choquette is the woman behind “The Marathon Principle”. Sixteen plus years as a Certified Professional Purchaser in the pharmaceutical industry didn’t prepare her for running marathons. It did prepare her for working with organizations who are successful and want to excel in communications, team building and leadership.

Dale Choquette knows that running 9 marathons takes commitment, flexibility and determination much like anything you do in business. She also knows about hitting the wall and how to help her clients get past the wall. She provides the fuel businesses need so that they can be in the 1% of organizations that get audacious results.

Dale Choquette motto is – “Run healthy. Run strong. Run together. Run long”

Races are frustrating when everyone is running in different directions. So are organizations. During my 20 years in the corporate world, Dale worked with 5 different teams and saw the challenges of bringing people together to strive toward a shared goal. She realized that each one of us has a different personality and communication style, and a different set of behaviours for coping with conflict. Even with the best of intentions, efforts often get sidelined because we don’t hear one another and connect.

In the course of your career, you have likely felt the pain of this struggle. Success is within view but out of reach, across a wide chasm of miscommunication. Yet it’s closer than you may think, if you have the tools to understand yourself and those around you.

Her own frustrations motivated her to seek solutions, to find better ways to connect with her teammates.

Dale Choquette | Emotional Intelligence

Are you looking for a fun and engaging professional speaker for your next event? Whether it’s a small gathering or a large event, I’d be happy to work with you to choose one of my presentations or workshops. I’ll bring some of my tools so that everyone walks away with something they can use right away.

What’s My Team’s DNA?

The golden rule says “treat others the way you want to be treated”. However, it’s not necessarily the best practice when it comes to communication styles as it assumes everyone is just like you. Do you often wonder why you can say something to one person, and it’s taken the way you meant it. Then you say that same thing to another person, it’s taken the wrong way? The communication styles of the people you engage with will impact the way you lead, interact with your team, and how you collaborate with others.

In this fun and interactive keynote, you will identify your communication style and explore tools and techniques to allow you to better leverage your style. You will also be able to identify your team members’ communication styles. Here’s what Dale Choquette will cover:

  • Identify the 4 basic communication styles
  • Discover what each team member brings to the table
  • Learn to flex your communication style
  • Gain the ability to build stronger connections

Emotional Intelligence and Your Team

Employees need superior technical abilities; however, this is only one half of the equation needed to increase the success of your organization. Management and leaders must focus on the skills necessary to work with others and get the best results from their teams. Real leadership is about inspiring, motivating and igniting passion in others. You can do this by applying emotional intelligence. The good news is that is can be learned from Dale Choquette.

Tuning into and focusing on emotions in the workplace is a strong component in effectively managing in today’s workplace. It’s people, not things that get results.

In this interactive Dale Choquette keynote you will:

  • Learn why emotional intelligence is critical to leadership
  • Learn about the 5 scales in the EQ-i 2.0
  • Determine how the 15 competencies impact workplace effectiveness


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