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  • Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Fees: 10,001 - 20,000
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About:  Buhle Dlamini


  • Futurist
  • Trends Analyst
  • Business Strategy

Buhle Dlamini is a global keynote speaker with Tomorrow Today Global based in Canada on Diversity and business strategy.

He speaks to top companies and conferences around the world on the future of work, leadership, organizational culture and managing diversity.

Born and raised in the Rural Zulu Village of Hlabisa, Buhlebethu (Buhle) Dlamini has risen and beaten the odds to become one of the top South Africans on the global stage today.

Buhle Dlamini is an award winning entrepreneur who has founded and run multiple ventures including his consulting firm Young & Able which he ran for 14 years in South Africa, and his Canadian firm MindGro Consulting, as well co-founded social enterprises like ForGood.co.za and Columba Leadership.

As a professional speaker Buhle always delivers a gripping and memorable experience with his genuine sense of humour, smile, and great content.

Buhle Dlamini is as comfortable speaking to a group of top managers and CEO’s as he is speaking to teenagers in a school prize-giving.

One of his most common accolades is that he is able to connect with anyone and make them feel like they’ve always known him.

Buhle Dlamini has met iconic leaders like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, worked with youth in Germany, USA, and the UK and spoken to business audiences the world over. Buhle Dlamini holds a Fundamentals of Strategy Certificate from Harvard University in Massachusetts and is a fellow with the Cultural Intelligence Center in Michigan, USA.

He was also the founding member and served as the project manager in the development of Heartlines  and its 2006 Award-Winning 8 Films on Values for which he, alongside Garth Japhet (founder), received an award from Archbishop (emeritus) Desmond Tutu.

Buhle Dlamini is an author of six books in business and personal growth including his latest book “Unleashing Your Greatness”

Young, Energetic and Full of Ideas? Stop Saying “What If I Could” or “I Wish I Could” when it comes to starting and running your own business. You can start a successful business no matter who you are or where you are.

You have all that it takes to be a serial entrepreneur, make money and have a lot of fun while doing it. You don’t even have to quit your job if you don’t want to. Entrepreneurship is now within reach for anyone and everyone who dares to believe they can make it happen. Do You?

Few people invest in their lives to realize their life’s fullest potential. Those who do gain incredible returns upon their investment until they don’t have to work so hard any more as their investments start to pay off great dividends all on their own.

Buhle Dlamini book will guide through steps you need to take to invest in your life and win.

Have you ever felt like you are missing something? Felt like there is more to you than you are experiencing now? That is because there is more to you than you are currently experiencing.

There is a greater potential within each and every one of us that has been placed within us by God. The thing is this great potential within us like anything worth having it needs to be activated.

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Keynote Topics

The future of individual and business success is very different to anything we have experienced before.



Owning The Future is a must for organisations and individuals that are serious about being at the forefront and lead the wave of the new economy.



While it gives a very strategic and futurist message, it is also light in style. Inspiring, eye-opening, practical and full of ideas you can walk out and apply immediately.

There is no need to look across the seas for inspiration and direction when it comes to leadership. 


Africa has birthed some of the greatest leaders, throughout history, and right up to this present day. 


What made them stand out as great leaders of their day? 


What makes one person stand out head and shoulders above the rest in the competitive area of leadership?

This Buhle Dlamini presentation will help teams, organizations and individuals to be clear about what their passion is and in turn using this passion to spur them on to success in their field.


Without passion work is a chore, without passion vision statements are just words on paper.

Scratch the Itch of Greatness
The itch of greatness is full of hope, resilient by nature and boundless in its potential to serve the common good. There is a deep innate need, an almost exponential yearning within each of us to start scratching this itch of greatness.



Five Dysfunctions of a Team
For a company to reach it’s maximum potential it needs each of its teams to function as united entities.  However getting different personalities, experience levels and work ethics, to become one unit is often seen as a unobtainable goal.



From Dream to Delivery Excellence
This Buhle Dlamini presentation looks at how visionary organisations can turn great visions and dreams into excellence in service delivery. In most organisations there seems to be a breakdown between ‘The Dream’, ‘The Great Vision’ and quality of the service delivered.



Women and Leadership
Many women find themselves in unchartered waters as they are promoted to positions of leadership in the corporate sphere.



The Communication Game
An overview of basic skills that will help participants improve their abilities at all levels of communications.



Cross-cultural Skills
Never in the history of mankind have so many cultures interacted with such regularity.  Whether traveling internationally or simply heading to the local mall we’re all encountering people whose culture and worldviews differ from our own.


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