Ben Casnocha

Tagline: Technology Entrepreneur

Talent Highlights

  • Ben speaks regularly on talent management, innovation, entrepreneurship, and the future of work to top corporations and associations.
  • He also facilitates management workshops and interactive seminars.
  • An entrepreneur, author, and venture capitalist.

Keynote Topics

The employer-employee relationship is broken. Managers face a seemingly impossible dilemma: You can’t afford to offer lifetime employment. But you can’t build a lasting, innovative business when everyone acts like a free agent. The solution: Stop thinking of employees as family or free agents and start thinking of them as allies on a tour of duty.

Based on Ben’s recent New York Times bestselling book with Reid Hoffman, founder/chairman of LinkedIn, in this keynote he explains how to recruit, manage, and retain the entrepreneurial employees your business needs to succeed in the networked age. You’ll learn:

  • What all innovative companies do with their best employees.
  • Why it’s possible to rebuild trust and loyalty with your employees even though you can’t guarantee lifetime employment.
  • How to manage employees who seek constant career growth by defining unique “tours of duty.”
  • Why it pays to empower your employees to build their personal brands and expand their professional networks.

How to develop an employee value proposition that resonates with millennials.
Through keynotes and interactive workshops, this is the management and business framework that will help your company generate Silicon Valley-style innovation, delivered by one of the field’s most engaging speakers.

Transform Your Work and Career with Entrepreneurial Thinking

The career escalator is jammed at every level. Unemployment rates are high. Creative disruption is shaking every industry. Global competition for jobs is fierce. The employer-employee pact is over and traditional job security is a thing of the past.

In a keynote based on his #1 New York Times bestselling book, Ben presents a blueprint for how to thrive in this new economic landscape. The key: learn to think and act like an entrepreneur. In other words, move up that jammed escalator by running your career like it’s a start-up business: a living, breathing, growing start-up of you.

You don’t need to start your own business, but you do need to adopt the mindset and learn the skill set of entrepreneurs.

Why? Start-ups – and the entrepreneurs who run them – are nimble. They invest in themselves. They build their professional networks. They take intelligent risks. They make uncertainty and volatility work to their advantage. These are the very same skills professionals need to get ahead in today’s fractured world of work.

In this keynote, you will learn the Silicon Valley strategies that can jumpstart your career. This is a bold presentation on thriving in a world where every professional must be the entrepreneur of his or her own life.

Crossing the Generational Divide.

Today, four generations are in the same workplace at the same time. This is unprecedented. And it introduces a host of challenges and opportunities. You can’t manage millennials the way you were managed.

To bring out the best of your millennial employees, and to create a corporate culture where all generations can effectively work with each other, you need to rethink every aspect of how you recruit, manage, and retain employees.

Ben’s background makes him uniquely qualified to deliver this entertaining keynote: as “one of America’s top young entrepreneurs” according to Business Week he speaks credibly on his own generational dynamics while also drawing upon his leading corporate experience.


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Travels from:

  • San Francisco, CA

Fee Range:

  • Fees* $20,001 - $35,000




Ben Casnocha is a dynamic figure in the realm of entrepreneurship, venture capital, and leadership. With a track record of success in Silicon Valley and beyond, he has earned recognition as an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and influential voice in the startup ecosystem. As a co-founder and partner at Village Global, a prestigious venture capital firm […]

Ben Casnocha is a dynamic figure in the realm of entrepreneurship, venture capital, and leadership. With a track record of success in Silicon Valley and beyond, he has earned recognition as an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and influential voice in the startup ecosystem.

As a co-founder and partner at Village Global, a prestigious venture capital firm based in San Francisco, Ben brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, managing a substantial portfolio of startups valued at over $250 million. With his unique insights, engaging speaking style, and unparalleled expertise, Ben Casnocha is a compelling choice for keynote speaking engagements through Speakers Inc.

Ben Casnocha | Leadership Innovation

Background and Achievements:

Ben Casnocha’s journey into the world of entrepreneurship began at a young age, demonstrating a natural aptitude for innovation and business acumen. He quickly rose to prominence as a thought leader in Silicon Valley, leveraging his entrepreneurial spirit to co-found several successful ventures and carve out a niche in the competitive tech industry.

As an author, Ben has penned insightful books on entrepreneurship, career development, and leadership, earning critical acclaim and a dedicated following of readers worldwide. His works, including “The Start-Up of You” and “My Start-Up Life,” offer practical advice, strategic insights, and real-world examples to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders on their path to success.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Ben Casnocha has emerged as a prominent figure in the venture capital landscape. As a co-founder and partner at Village Global, he plays a pivotal role in identifying and investing in promising startups, helping to shape the future of innovation and technology. With a keen eye for talent and a deep understanding of market trends, Ben has contributed to the growth and success of numerous companies within Village Global’s extensive portfolio.

Areas of Expertise:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: With firsthand experience as a successful entrepreneur, Ben Casnocha offers invaluable insights into the world of startups, innovation, and disruptive technologies. His expertise encompasses all stages of the entrepreneurial journey, from ideation and market validation to scaling and exit strategies.
  2. Leadership and Personal Development: As the author of “The Start-Up of You,” Ben is well-versed in the principles of effective leadership, personal branding, and professional growth. His teachings empower individuals to take control of their careers, cultivate valuable skills, and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the modern workplace.
  3. Venture Capital and Investment Strategy: In his role at Village Global, Ben Casnocha oversees a diverse portfolio of startups and advises founders on strategic growth initiatives. His deep understanding of venture capital, fundraising, and investment trends makes him a trusted authority for entrepreneurs seeking guidance on securing funding and navigating the competitive startup landscape.
  4. Networking and Relationship Building: With a vast network of connections in Silicon Valley and beyond, Ben excels at building meaningful relationships and fostering strategic partnerships. His expertise in networking, mentorship, and community building equips individuals and organizations with the tools they need to forge valuable connections and unlock new opportunities.
  5. Future Trends and Industry Insights: Drawing upon his experience as a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Ben Casnocha offers valuable perspectives on emerging trends, market disruptions, and the future of technology. His forward-thinking approach helps audiences anticipate and adapt to rapid changes in the business landscape, positioning them for long-term success in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Why Book Ben Casnocha as a Keynote Speaker:

  1. Engaging and Inspirational: Ben’s dynamic speaking style, combined with his compelling personal anecdotes and practical advice, captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression long after the event has ended.
  2. Expertise and Authority: With a proven track record of success in entrepreneurship, venture capital, and leadership, Ben brings a wealth of expertise and authority to every speaking engagement, offering valuable insights and actionable strategies for success.
  3. Relevance and Timeliness: In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, Ben’s insights into entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment strategy are more relevant and timely than ever. His ability to address current challenges and future trends ensures that audiences walk away with practical knowledge they can apply immediately.
  4. Customized Content: Ben takes the time to understand the unique needs and objectives of each audience, tailoring his presentations to deliver maximum impact and relevance. Whether addressing a room of aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned executives, or industry professionals, he delivers content that resonates and inspires.
  5. Proven Track Record: As a sought-after keynote speaker, Ben Casnocha has delivered impactful presentations at leading conferences, corporate events, and educational institutions worldwide. His consistently positive reviews and enthusiastic endorsements attest to his ability to deliver value and leave a lasting impression on audiences of all sizes.

In conclusion, Ben Casnocha is a visionary entrepreneur, accomplished author, and trusted advisor who brings a wealth of expertise and insight to the stage as a keynote speaker. With a focus on entrepreneurship, leadership, and venture capital, he inspires audiences to embrace innovation, seize new opportunities, and chart their own path to success in today’s rapidly changing world. Whether speaking to startups, Fortune 500 companies, or academic institutions, Ben’s engaging style, actionable advice, and strategic vision make him a standout choice for speaking engagements through Speakers Inc.

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