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Aline Frankfort

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About:  Aline Frankfort

Aline Frankfort is a provocative Creative and Strategic Thinker, Narrative Practitioner, passionated by Imagination and Utopia, Artist, consultant, author, invited professor.

TEDx Speaker, dyslexic enjoying to put the world upside down, inspired by her spiritual practices, Full Member of the Club of Rome, working for a better world.

Aline is dedicated to open radically new and meaningful paths to a desirable future that can change the Present.

She helps people and teams reframe their mental maps, reinvent themselves and actively Shape their Futures.

Her passion since she was a child: make the Future the Cause of the Present.

Aline Frankfort is recognized for her conceptual, creative and strategic Thinking abilities as well as her capacity to provoke “Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action”.

Aline Frankfort | Strategic Innovation

Skills summary

  • Efficient and Creative Thinking: accredited in 1993 by Dr. Edward de Bono, one of the world’s highest Authority on “Serious Creativity”®, as expert in the practice and teaching of the “Six Thinking Hats”® and “Lateral Thinking”®
  • Strategy and Innovation: Strategic Thinking, Scenario Thinking (she holds 5 Executive Certificates from the M.I.T Sloan School of Management:
  • “Theory U: Transformational Leadership and Deep Change”; “Business Strategy Reinvention”, “Building, Leading and Sustaining the Innovative organization”, “Managing and solving complex Business Problems”, “Driving Strategic Innovation” and she was certified at Oxford SaĂŻd Business School in “Strategic Planning and Strategic reframing”)
  • Design Thinking: design driven Innovation, Business Model Innovation (she is among the Co-authors of the book “Business Model Generation), storytelling
  • Coaching and Team Building: Certified in 1997 by Transformance Paris in “Coaching and Team Building” (Vincent Lenhardt)

Academic activities

  • Aline Frankfort is a lecturer on “Performance Management” at the Solvay Business School in Brussels (IACE & IADE modules) between 1992 and 2001
  • invited Lecturer on “Serious Creativity” at ULB’s Faculty of Applied Sciences
  • invited Professor of Creativity and Innovation at the UCL (Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve) in the CPME Program – interfaculty program (Master) in Entrepreneurship.
  • This program is ranked 5th, in a group which includes MIT, Cambridge, Wharton, Rotterdam and Babson College.

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Keynote Topics

Actively shaping the future of your organization demands that you get out of your comfort zone
The man who manufactured the best stagecoaches in the world died in total quality because, one day, the world stopped needing stagecoaches! Excelling is not Innovating. Renovating isn’t either!


If practically, your challenge is to invent the Future of your organization in this “shaky” period, you know that “linear” and “safe” Thinking is no longer enough. It can even be quite dangerous.


To  paraphrase Albert Einstein famous quote: “the significant problems we have cannot be solved by the same type of thinking that created them”.


In other words, we cannot solve 21st century issues with a 20th century Mindsets.We need is a “Revolution in Mind”.


True Innovation is the result of the profound transformation of Mindsets, of Thinking and of Perceptions. Imagination and Creativity are needed not only to discover new possibilities and create new products and services in the current paradigm, but to reinvent the paradigm within which we want to innovate.


Our core expertise is creating “Shift in Minds for Shift in Action”


All our approaches are conceived to engage and motivate individuals and groups of all sizes and types to make deep changes in the ways they see and think. Instead of leaving them trapped by old assumptions and thinking habits, these Shifts in Minds empower Innovation by allowing


  • to See and decode the World as it is and as it is becoming with new lenses
  • to understand a world that is still largely unknown
  • to Sense new opportunities and emerging needs
  • to Seize them creatively, develop and “prototype” new possibilities
  • to Act in new ways

As a result, they develop those vital creative capacities of seeing, thinking and doing differently which can be applied
to regenerate their thinking instead of reproducing the patterns of the Past

  • to unlock the Creativity and human ingenuity to jump to effective solutions
  • to base strategic actions on future possibilities and adopt  a “Feed-Forward” orientation to actively shape the Future
  • to create and drive entirely new Businesses, dramatically different Business models and radically improve existing ones
  • to develop more pertinent and more innovative ways of seeing and doing in order to generate better results in an uncertain world.

This allows organisations to develop major, durable and hard-to-duplicate competitive advantages, i.e. the collective capacity to learn, to innovate and to reinvent itself at the required speed.


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