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Tim Sanders is one of the top-rated keynote speakers on the speaking and lecture circuits due to his expertise, passionate delivery, and extensive pre-event preparation process. His highly-customized speeches on leadership development, sales success and collaboration deliver take away value for audience members as well as reinforcing event themes. The thread through all of his talks […]

Tim Sanders is one of the top-rated keynote speakers on the speaking and lecture circuits due to his expertise, passionate delivery, and extensive pre-event preparation process.

His highly-customized speeches on leadership development, sales success and collaboration deliver take away value for audience members as well as reinforcing event themes.

The thread through all of his talks is this: “Build relationships every working day of your life!” As a result, his opening general session talks inspire knowledge sharing and networking throughout the events he speaks at, delighting meeting planners.

Tim has extensive keynote speaking experience across a range of industries, government organizations and trade associations. His success comes from his tireless commitment to improve the lives of audiences he speaks to and drive performance for every one of his clients.

Tim Sanders | Technology Innovation

Building powerful business relationships is a fundamental key to success for leaders, sales professionals, and contributors of all types. That’s why Tim Sanders has circled the globe as a keynote speaker at conferences, conventions and corporate meetings, sharing his perspectives on leadership, relationships, sales and collaboration, delivering solutions and strategies and changing lives.

Tim Sanders is the CEO of Deeper Media, a research and consultancy firm that serves leading global brands, government agencies, and trade associations.

Deeper Media helps individuals and organizations tackle marketing innovation, sales performance, talent management, leadership development, and organizational culture. He’s served on advisory boards for several startups, including the social reading website Goodreads, which was purchased by Amazon in 2014.

Tim is the author of five books, including the New York Times bestseller, Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends. His publications have over one million copies in print with bestseller status in India, South Korea, Italy, Brazil, and Denmark.

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Keynote Topics

“The bigger the challenge, the wider you need to spin your collaborative web!” That’s the pivotal perspective of tech industry veteran, acclaimed collaboration expert and top rated keynote speaker Tim Sanders. His key insight: Innovation starts with the motivation to think outside of the box, but only comes to life when you courageously work across the lines of your organization.


During his tenure as a senior executive and Board member, Sanders has studied leaders that practice what he terms ‘disruptive collaboration,’ a problem-solving style that leverages surprising alliances along the fault-lines of a company. He’ll reveal how the biggest leaps and turnarounds in history came from ‘collisions of thought,’ not safe work in our silos of excellence.


As a keynote speaker Tim’s eye-opening messages keynote will deliver actionable insights and tools that will boost productivity, drive agility and lead to breakthrough business outcomes.


Key Takeaways:


Why Companies That Practice Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Outperform Rivals
How to Leverage the Power of Multiple Perspectives to Solve Problems Faster
How to Bring Collaborative Partners Online Quickly to Unleash Creativity
How to Bring Multiple Stakeholder Needs From “Me-to-We” in a Collaborative Project
Why it’s Important to Build Relationships Across the Company long before you need them

What are some of the top challenges facing today’s leaders? Employee engagement and customer retention. Here’s what we know: Competition for our best people and most profitable customers is coming from every direction, disrupting our businesses. What can we do to cement strong relationships and stand out from the crowd? Lead with love.


In his New York Times bestselling book, Love Is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence People, Tim Sanders explains that “love is the most powerful force in the business world, and we show it by sharing our knowledge, networks and compassion to promote success in other people.” His research finds that when we lead with love, we grow our business, foster innovation and build a highly resilient enterprise.


He has circled the globe, giving thousands of professionals the insights they need to lead a culture that values generosity, mentorship and empathy. In this inspiring keynote, he’ll combine compelling research, case studies and actionable takeaways that will move your audience to action.


In this eye-opening keynote speech, he’ll combine research, stories, and takeaways to inspire your audience to action.


Key Takeaways Include:


Three ways to become a student of the game, and then later, a trusted advisor to others who are grappling with change.
How to supercharge your networking skills by asking different questions … starting at this conference!
How to put compassion at the center of key business decisions, from talent management to customer experience.

In a business world where disruption is a constant and competition is fierce, emotional intelligence (EQ) is just as important to a leader’s success as on-the-job experience and education (IQ). As leaders invest time sharpening their EQ to become more resilient and relationship oriented, they develop what bestselling author Tim Sanders calls Emotional Talent.


In his bestselling book The Likeability Factor, Tim reveals how emotional talent expands our influence, bringing out the best in others. Best of all, it’s an area where leaders can make great strides with a committed effort. “It’s all about dialing into the emotional side of any situation, then proceeding with generosity.”


He’s traveled the world delivering conference keynotes and training programs to leading companies, universities and government agencies, giving leaders actionable insights that improve their performance immediately. What sets Tim apart from other EQ experts is his high level of pre-event research and keynote customization to align his keynote to the organization’s greatest challenges.


Key Takeaways


A blueprint to emotional talent development: Self-awareness, self-leadership, social awareness and relationship management.
Why the mood state can have a 1000% impact on a company’s level of quality and innovation. Case studies range from Motorola to Google.
How to leverage employee experience design to develop a strong emotional value proposition that attracts & retains talent.
How to decode people’s emotions with 90% accuracy. Sanders will reveal the 7 Faces of Emotion,which can make you the smartest leader in the room.
How to master the Art of Deep Listening by borrowing techniques from the best interviewers in the world.

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