Dr. Terence Keel

Tagline: Anti-Racism Educator

Talent Highlights

  • Academic Leadership: Terence Keel holds a distinguished position as a Full Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he holds a split appointment in the Department of African American Studies and the UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics. This dual role reflects his commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship and his expertise in navigating the complex intersections of race, genetics, and society.
  • Innovative Research: As the Founding Director of the Lab for Biocritical Studies, Terence Keel spearheads groundbreaking research into the embodiment of discrimination, inequality, and resilience within vulnerable communities. His interdisciplinary approach brings together scholars from diverse fields to explore the biological, social, and cultural dimensions of human experience, challenging traditional disciplinary boundaries and advancing our understanding of complex social issues.
  • Engaging Speaker: Terence Keel is renowned for his dynamic speaking style and ability to distill complex ideas into accessible and thought-provoking narratives. His presentations spark meaningful dialogue and inspire audiences to critically examine their assumptions about race, identity, and inequality. Whether addressing students, scholars, or community members, Keel’s insights leave a lasting impact, encouraging listeners to confront difficult truths with empathy and courage.
  • Advocate for Social Justice: Through his research, teaching, and public engagement, Terence Keel is a passionate advocate for social justice and equity. He challenges conventional wisdom and pushes the boundaries of academic inquiry, striving to create a more inclusive and compassionate society. Keel’s work inspires others to join him in the pursuit of a world where all individuals are valued and respected, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or genetic background.

Keynote Topics

Racism haunts nearly every aspect of our society—but it doesn’t have to. Scientists since the 1950s have proven that humans cannot be classified into biological races.

  • Did you know that sickle cell anemia can be found in Spain, Malta, and Greece among people who do not have African ancestry?
  • Or that race has nothing to do with why some of us can enjoy milk and ice cream?
  • Or that living near a freeway can tell us more about your chances for having asthma than your so-called racial identity?

Drawing on the last 70 years of scientific research and discovery, Terence explains all you need to know about why race is an illusion, why you are nearly identical to people who look different than you, and how understanding science can help us become anti-racist.

Humans are not created by nature; we are made in the image of the societies we design. This is what director of the CDC meant when she recently declared that structural racism is a public health issue.

If we continue to live in a world where practices like police profiling, residential segregation, and industrial contamination unequally impact where people of color live then we should expect the consequences of these racist practices to appear in our bodies.

In this talk, Terence explains why our ability to live with dignity and health is not a matter of chance or fate, but is a result of planning and design. With rising health disparities in the U.S. and a healthcare system on the verge of collapse, the possibility of anyone living well is becoming increasingly unlikely.

Reflecting on cutting edge research within the field of public health, this talk gives you tools to understand how humans embody the society we inherit and how we can literally create health through more equitable designs.

Is it possible that our religious beliefs are responsible for the racism and discrimination troubling our society today?

There is ample evidence to suggest this might be true: from Christian merchants who purchased Black people during the transatlantic slave trade, to the persecution of European Jews during the Holocaust, and the recent support of white evangelicals of the rioters who stormed the Capitol.

In this talk Terence takes an unflinching look at the religious past of Europe and America to help explain the sources of present-day social and political discrimination.

He explains that while our religious beliefs have clearly divided us there are resources within the traditions of American thought—from the work of Frederick Douglass to Octavia Butler—that can help us design better beliefs about the world and others within it.

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  • Los Angeles, CA

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Terence Keel is more than a professor; he is a trailblazer in the realms of academia and social justice. As a Full Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), he holds a prestigious split appointment in the Department of African American Studies and the UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics. With an unwavering […]

Terence Keel is more than a professor; he is a trailblazer in the realms of academia and social justice. As a Full Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), he holds a prestigious split appointment in the Department of African American Studies and the UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics. With an unwavering commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, Keel has carved out a unique space for himself as the Founding Director of the Lab for Bio Critical Studies.

This innovative laboratory serves as a hub for exploring the complex interplay between discrimination, inequality, and resilience as manifested within vulnerable communities. Through his groundbreaking research and engaging speaking engagements, Keel has emerged as a leading voice in navigating the intersections of race, genetics, and society.

Dr. Terence Keel | Social Justice

Expertise and Influence: Shaping Conversations on Race and Genetics

With a rich background in African American Studies and Genetics, Terence Keel brings a depth of expertise that is unparalleled in his field. His academic journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of understanding the intricate ways in which social and biological factors intersect to shape individual and collective experiences. Keel’s research delves into the implications of genetic research on marginalized communities, challenging conventional narratives and advocating for a more inclusive approach to scientific inquiry.

As a speaker, Keel possesses a rare ability to distill complex ideas into accessible and thought-provoking narratives. His dynamic presentations captivate audiences, inviting them to critically examine the assumptions that underpin our understanding of race, identity, and inequality. Whether addressing students, scholars, or community members, Keel’s insights spark meaningful dialogue and inspire attendees to confront difficult truths with empathy and courage.

Why Terence Keel Should Be Booked by Event Planners

Event planners seeking to elevate their programming and foster meaningful conversations around issues of race, genetics, and social justice need look no further than Terence Keel. With his unique blend of scholarly rigor and engaging storytelling, Keel brings a fresh perspective to any event. His expertise in African American Studies and Genetics, coupled with his commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, ensures that audiences are challenged to think critically and expand their understanding of complex issues.

Keel’s reputation as a dynamic and compelling speaker precedes him, making him a sought-after choice for conferences, seminars, and symposiums alike. His ability to bridge the gap between academia and the broader public ensures that his message resonates with diverse audiences, sparking dialogue and fostering greater understanding. By booking Terence Keel, event planners can rest assured that they are bringing a transformative voice to their stage—one that is sure to leave a lasting impact on attendees.

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In Summary: Elevating Conversations, Inspiring Change

In summary, Terence Keel is more than a professor—he is a catalyst for change. Through his work at UCLA and the Lab for Biocritical Studies, Keel has established himself as a leading voice in the fields of African American Studies and Genetics, challenging conventional wisdom and pushing the boundaries of interdisciplinary inquiry. His dynamic speaking engagements have captivated audiences around the world, sparking dialogue and fostering greater understanding of the complex issues that shape our society.

Event planners seeking to bring a transformative voice to their stage need look no further than Terence Keel. With his unique blend of expertise, passion, and charisma, Keel promises to elevate any event and inspire attendees to think critically and act with compassion. By partnering with Speakers Inc., event planners can ensure that they are connecting with top-tier talent who will leave a lasting impact on their audience. Terence Keel is not just a speaker—he is a visionary leader who is shaping the conversations of tomorrow, one engaging presentation at a time.

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