Sarah Bauling

  • Brisbane, QLD
  • Range USD 10,001 - 20,000

Tagline: Customer Service

Talent Highlights

  • “Invest in the Guest” is a keynote presentation that is about investing in crucial areas of your business which ultimately affect your clients overall experience.
  • Geared specifically towards the hospitality industry “Invest in the Guest” is aimed at top management, executives as well as anyone who has a vested financial interest in your business.

Travels from: Brisbane, Australia

Sarah Bauling is a professional speaker, trainer and author who is passionate about customer service and is passionate about sharing her techniques so that you and your business can prosper and you and your team can simply become exceptional.

Whether you specialize in selling products, experiences or services the success of your business relies on customers who are excited and delighted , customers who return time and time again, customers who refer you to others and most importantly customers who ultimately become your loyal, raving fans.

It is often the simple, easily applied principles that are the differentiating factors between your business and your competitors that can transform any customer into the loyal, raving fans that bring success and profitability.

With a natural love for life, people and experiences, Sarah brings the fun and vibrancy she has in her personal life to the stage and ultimately YOUR event!

Sarah Bauling is absolutely comfortable on stage and would be honoured and privileged to be part of your next event or function!

Sarah the SPEAKER
Sarah has various keynote presentations which can be personalized and tailored to suit your audience and objectives.

Sarah the TRAINER
Whether you are looking for 2 – 3 hours of in-house training or 2 day seminar on Customer Service, Sarah is able to personalise and adapt her material to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Sarah the MC
If you are looking for an MC that is vibrant, fun, able to keep the programme on track as well as showcase your special event then Sarah Bauling is the MC for you!


The Magic of Customer Service
Creating a Customer Service Culture
Invest in the Guest
T.E.A.S.E – Telephone Etiquette and Sales Evolution.

Expert On:

“Hey there. Thank you for showing your interest in me as a speaker at your event!

For me, it’s important that I give you value for money, so don’t hesitate to call me (or send an email) so we can discuss your specific goals. I normally respond to emails within 24 hours.

I hope we will collaborate and make your event, regardless of if it’s on-site or online, a great one!”

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Keynote Topics

“The Magic of Customer Service” is a keynote presentation that is about taking your customer service ideals to the next level.


Whether you run a corporate company, a small business or simply deal with customers – “The Magic of Customer Service” is an absolute “must listen to” keynote delivery.


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