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The Underdog Podcast

The Underdog Podcast
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Podcast Host: Kyle Decker

Podcast Description

The Underdog (n): A competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest. The goal of The underdog podcast is for us to share stories of failure & triumph through thoughtful & engaging conversation.


Everyone has an underdog story and we want to hear yours.


Who doesn’t love a good underdog story?? We believe that everyone has encountered an underdog moment at some point in life. And while some moments may seem larger than others, we believe that every single one carries a lesson.

The Underdog Podcast


The Underdog Podcast is a place where we share the commonalities between coaching leadership and business leadership with entrepreneurs to help them relate, learn and grow in their businesses.


Kyle Decker is one of our hosts. When he’s not behind the mic or strategizing on how to grow one of our Riley Decker Companies, you can find him playing outside with his boys and wife. His dream guest is Lebron James.

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