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Katie Piper's Extraordinary People

Katie Piper | Extraordinary People
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Podcast Host: Katie Piper

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Podcast Description

Katie Piper, Extraordinary People podcast, writer, broadcaster and star of Strictly Come Dancing 2018, brings stories that will inspire you, making you laugh and cry.

Katie chats with inspirational people who have turned incredible adversity into powerful positivity.

A Somethin’ Else production.

Katie Piper’s Extraordinary People

Katie Piper is a Best-selling international author, inspirational speaker, TV presenter and charity campaigner who rebuilt her life after surviving a brutal sulphuric acid attack in 2008.
After 40 operations, an induced coma, drastic weight loss and a revolutionary procedure by Dr. Mohammad Ali Jawad, she was able to start her new life, not as a victim but a survivor. Her recovery was only possible with the help of her mother, who left her job to care for Katie while she wore a face mask for 23 hours a day.

Katie turned adversity into opportunity, founding the Katie Piper Foundation to support scar and burn victims, as well as promote the postoperative treatment that benefited Katie’s recovery.

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