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Eric Termuende hosts a variety of guests to discuss the future of work and entrepreneurship on his One Degree Shift podcast channel.

While the future is impossible to predict, it’s the teams that are rooted in trust, belonging, community, and psychological safety that will thrive.

One Degree Shift Podcast

From navigating the great resignation to leading remote teams, Eric helps global, cross-generational, and remote/hybrid workforces to attract and retain top talent and help their leaders succeed in the future of work.

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Eric Termuende - One Degree Shift

Eric Termuende is a seasoned keynote speaker and best-selling author who has given over 400 presentations to industry-leading businesses and associations all over the world. Now, with The Great Resignation in full force and organizations and associations struggling to attract and retain top talent, Eric Termuende keynote presentations inspire business leaders to prepare for the […]

  • Vancouver, BC
  • Generational Leadership

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