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Amazing Business Radio features customer service expert and New York Times bestselling author Shep Hyken who interviews leading business professionals and other customer experience experts.

Each guest shares tips and insights on how to succeed in business. The bright business minds featured on Amazing Business Radio come from all over the world and include viral video stars, corporate CEOs, bestselling authors, thought leaders, and many other inspiring personalities.

Amazing Business Radio

The show covers a variety of topics related to customer service and customer experience and will provide answers that listeners need to know in order to take their success to the next level.

Amazing Business Radio airs every week on, itunes, Soundcloud, and other platforms and channels.

Shep Hyken has been at the forefront of the CS/CX Revolution for decades.

His experience runs the gamut from helping notable companies like Disney and FedEx to improve their already outstanding customer service, to helping small and mid-sized organizations transform poor customer experience into a highlight of the organization.

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Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken is an Award-winning Keynote Speaker and World-Renowned Keynote Speaker in Customer Service & Customer Experience. Shep has worked with the world’s best brands to help them build a culture centered around the customer. His presentations consistently get rave reviews for being engaging and informative. The National Speakers Association inducted Shep into it’s Hall […]

  • St. Louis, MO
  • Customer Service

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