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Flip the Funnel as there is an age-old saying in business that the ‘customer is always right’. However many organisations have chosen not to do business according to this maxim as they feel that they will not be able to adequately respond to all their customers’ demands – however onerous they are – so they make the decision that they won’t even try.

In the author-led course, Flip the Funnel, author Joseph Jaffe makes the point that customer service is an integral part of a company’s marketing. As such, customer service cannot be ignored and, if it is, it is ignored at the organisation’s own peril.

“Customer service is just one components of a much broader customer experience imperative,” writes Jaffe in Flip the Funnel. “Yet, it is arguably the most tangible, impactful, and actionable item in your portfolio of services that you can activate in a truly transformative manner.”

Jaffe, in the author-led course Flip the Funnel, proposes the notion that marketing is not a monologue. It is not even a dialogue. Marketing consists of conversations that happen between the company and its customers however marketing is also about conversations that customers have with third parties (in other words, word-of-mouth marketing).

Flip the Funnel

“it’s time to go back to school and open up your Principles of Marketing textbooks,” says Jaffe in Flip the Funnel, “… Now, I’d like you to tear up those textbooks, forget those theories and start anew with a blank sheet of paper.”

It’s a well-acknowledged fact that acquiring a new customer costs more than retaining a new one as it is necessary to spend more money on acquisition as opposed to retention. In this author-led course, Jaffe proposes that through the process of making customer service paramount the process of retention becomes the new acquisition.

He also looks at the notion of relationship management and CRM (customer relationship management, as it is usually thought of, or customer relationship marketing). Jaffee conceptualises this as not a process of a company just speaking to the customer but rather a process where the company and customer enter into a dialogue.

“… [customer service is] not a reactive means of helping customers with problems but rather a key – perhaps THE key – strategic differentiator that could quite possibly transform your business,” writes Jaffe in the prologue to Flip the Funnel.

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Joseph Jaffe – Business Strategy is a multiple author, serial entrepreneur and one of the most sought-after consultants, speakers and thought leaders on marketing, innovation, disruption and change.


Joseph is Admiral at the HMS Beagle, a strategic consultancy that helps its clients navigate the journey to survival…and ultimately thrival. HMSB specializes in developing training, facilitated workshops, survival and growth plans for the smallest of startups to the largest of legacy brands.


Throughout his career, Jaffe has worked with some of the largest brands in the world, including the likes of IBM, Coca-Cola, ABInBev, Pearson, Nestle, Purina, Steelcase, Colgate-Palmolive, Mondelez International, Keurig Doctor Pepper and many more.

Learning Points

Says Ben Popken, who is the co-managing editor of Consumerist.com, in the foreward to Flip the Funnel:
“With [the course] he [Joseph Jaffe] reveals how some of the most exciting and inspiring organizations are shifting the marketing model so tha thtey start with the sale rather than ending with it.”


If you’re a business owner, marketing manger or entrepreneur – and you’re struggling with finding new ways to grow and expand your business – then the Flip the Funnel author-led course is for you because it will teach you a fresh approach to marketing your company and having meaningful interactions with your customers.

  •  What we can learn from a recession
  •  Why charity begins at home
  •  Why it’s time to spurn the concept of churn
  •  What’s the love-hate relationship between technology and relationships
  •  What the key to customer experience is
  •  Why customer service can be a strategic driver
  •  What are the new channels of customer service
  •  How to transform your mouth into a megaphone
  •  What the new customer-activation model is
  •  What the economic benefits of customer experience are

  • Complete book content
  •  Accredited CPD certificate
  •  26 Author video lectures
  •  26 Modules
  •  296 Lessons
  •  26 Quizzes
  •  Progress tracking
  •  Author signed certificate
  •  13 CPD Points


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