Katie Piper

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Talent Highlights

  • Survivor of a Brutal Acid Attack:

    Katie Piper is widely recognized for her resilience and strength in overcoming a horrific acid attack in 2008, orchestrated by an ex-boyfriend, which left her with severe burns to her face and blindness in one eye.

  • Best-selling International Author:

    Piper is an accomplished author, with her memoir “Beautiful” becoming a bestseller. In her books, she shares her personal journey of survival, resilience, and empowerment, inspiring readers worldwide.

  • Inspirational Speaker:

    As an inspirational speaker, Katie Piper delivers powerful talks on topics such as overcoming adversity, body positivity, and self-love. Her motivational speeches resonate with audiences, encouraging them to find strength in the face of challenges.

  • TV Presenter:

    Piper has transitioned into television presenting, hosting shows that focus on topics such as body image, mental health, and personal development. Through her appearances on television, she continues to raise awareness and advocate for positive change.

  • Charity Campaigner:

    Katie Piper is actively involved in charity work, particularly in supporting burns survivors and raising awareness about the impact of acid attacks. She founded the Katie Piper Foundation, which provides support and rehabilitation for individuals with burns and scars, empowering them to rebuild their lives. Her philanthropic efforts have made a significant impact in the lives of many.

Keynote Topics

  • Adversity & resilience
  • Change & uncertainty
  • Entrepreneur
  • Inclusion & diversity
  • Innovation
  • Mental health & wellbeing
  • Mindfulness & self confidence
  • TV personality/celebrity


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Travels from:

  • London, UK

Fee Range:

  • Fees* $10,001 - $20,000




Katie Piper is a beacon of resilience, an embodiment of courage, and an inspiration to millions worldwide. A best-selling international author, motivational speaker, TV presenter, and charity campaigner, Katie’s journey from surviving a brutal sulphuric acid attack to thriving in life serves as a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Her unwavering determination to rebuild […]

Katie Piper is a beacon of resilience, an embodiment of courage, and an inspiration to millions worldwide. A best-selling international author, motivational speaker, TV presenter, and charity campaigner, Katie’s journey from surviving a brutal sulphuric acid attack to thriving in life serves as a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Her unwavering determination to rebuild her life after facing unimaginable adversity has not only transformed her own existence but has also become a guiding light for countless individuals navigating their own challenges.

Katie Piper Surviving Adversity:

In 2008, Katie Piper’s life took a drastic turn when she became a victim of a horrific sulphuric acid attack. The assault left her with life-threatening injuries, including severe burns to her face, neck, and upper body. Amidst unimaginable pain and trauma, Katie underwent a grueling journey of survival, enduring over 40 operations and spending extensive time in an induced coma.

Her resilience during this harrowing period, coupled with the revolutionary surgical intervention of Dr. Mohammad Ali Jawad, laid the foundation for her remarkable recovery. Despite facing immense physical and emotional hurdles, Katie emerged not as a victim but as a survivor, her spirit unbroken and her determination unwavering.

Turning Adversity into Opportunity:

Rather than allowing her ordeal to define her, Katie Piper chose to channel her experiences into a powerful force for positive change. Recognizing the lack of support and resources available to scar and burn victims, she founded the Katie Piper Foundation. This charitable organization serves as a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with the physical and psychological aftermath of similar traumas.

Through the foundation, Katie is dedicated to providing vital support services, advocating for improved postoperative treatments, and raising awareness about the challenges faced by those living with visible differences. Her unwavering commitment to empowering others and fostering a sense of community among survivors has made a tangible difference in countless lives.

Empowering Others:

As an internationally acclaimed speaker, Katie Piper shares her inspiring journey with audiences worldwide, imparting invaluable lessons on resilience, self-acceptance, and the transformative power of perspective. Her compelling talks resonate deeply with audiences of all ages and backgrounds, offering a message of hope and empowerment in the face of adversity.

Through her captivating storytelling and genuine authenticity, Katie challenges societal perceptions of beauty and strength, encouraging individuals to embrace their uniqueness and find strength in their vulnerabilities. Her message transcends boundaries, inspiring others to cultivate resilience, pursue their passions, and embrace the beauty of their own journey.

Beyond Boundaries:

In addition to her advocacy work and speaking engagements, Katie Piper has made a significant impact as a best-selling author and television presenter. Her memoirs, including “Beautiful” and “Things Get Better,” offer poignant insights into her journey of resilience and self-discovery, touching the hearts of readers worldwide.

Through her television appearances, including documentaries and talk shows, Katie continues to amplify the voices of survivors, challenge societal norms, and advocate for greater inclusivity and acceptance. Her unwavering commitment to creating a more compassionate and understanding world serves as an inspiration to all who encounter her work.

The Katie Piper Foundation

Katie’s remarkable journey inspired her to establish the Katie Piper Foundation, a beacon of support for scar and burn victims. The foundation not only provides essential assistance but also advocates for postoperative treatments that proved pivotal in Katie’s own recovery. Through her foundation, Katie aims to empower individuals to reclaim their lives and embrace their scars as symbols of strength and resilience.


Katie Piper’s journey from adversity to empowerment serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit. Through her unwavering determination, she has transformed personal tragedy into a beacon of hope and inspiration for millions worldwide. As a best-selling author, motivational speaker, TV presenter, and charity campaigner, Katie’s impact transcends boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who have the privilege of encountering her story. Her legacy serves as a testament to the transformative power of courage, compassion, and resilience in the face of adversity.

Reasons to Book Katie Piper as a Speaker

  1. Inspirational Resilience: Katie Piper’s story is a powerful testament to the strength of the human spirit. Her journey from despair to empowerment resonates deeply with audiences, inspiring them to overcome their own challenges and adversities.

  2. Empowering Transformation: By sharing her personal experiences, Katie Piper empowers audiences to embrace change and transform their lives. Her message of resilience and self-acceptance encourages individuals to find strength in the face of adversity and to cultivate a positive mindset.

  3. Impactful Advocacy: As a leading advocate for scar and burn victims, Katie Piper brings attention to important issues surrounding physical and emotional recovery. Her advocacy work promotes awareness, acceptance, and support for those affected by similar challenges.

  4. Authentic Connection: Katie’s genuine warmth and sincerity create an authentic connection with her audience. Through her candid storytelling and relatable demeanor, she fosters an environment of trust and empathy, allowing listeners to engage deeply with her message.

  5. Motivational Leadership: Katie Piper’s journey from trauma to triumph exemplifies the qualities of resilience, courage, and leadership. As a speaker, she motivates individuals to embrace their own leadership potential and to effect positive change in their lives and communities.

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