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Founder of the international Mobo Awards, the largest urban music awards in Europe

Kanya King MBE is living proof of the old adage that a genuine leader molds rather than seeks consensus. An internationally renowned entrepreneur through her role as CEO, founder, and visionary, of the MOBO Awards,

Kanya has displayed the rare drive and ambition needed to help take black music from the margins of British popular culture, made by disenfranchised artists, to the heart of the mainstream culture in the UK and around the world.

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Kanya King is the founder and CEO of the MOBO Awards, an awards ceremony established to appreciate music from black backgrounds. Passionate to create a more diverse and inclusive world, Kanya has increased representation of the genres of reggae, jazz, hip hop, grime and rap and recognised people from black backgrounds across music, arts, media, culture […]

Kanya King is the founder and CEO of the MOBO Awards, an awards ceremony established to appreciate music from black backgrounds.

Passionate to create a more diverse and inclusive world, Kanya has increased representation of the genres of reggae, jazz, hip hop, grime and rap and recognised people from black backgrounds across music, arts, media, culture and fashion- bringing increased awareness to diverse cultures worldwide.

Now booked as a speaker, Kanya King is sought to share how she made the MOBO Awards a success.

Since the first MOBO Awards, stars such as Goldie, Usher, Leona Lewis, Young T & Bugsy and more have been recognised. Kanya has fronted the awards for many years, watched by thousands in over 200 different countries. Outside of her work with the MOBO Awards, Kanya is also the co-founder of DanceStar and The World Dance Music Awards along with supporting charities such as The African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust, Warchild, Action Medical Research and The Loomba Foundation.

Highly commended for making mainstream media more inclusive and diverse, Kanya has been recognised on countless lists. She has been named on the Powerlist of Britain’s Most Influential Black People and the Debrett’s 500 list.

Kanya King has also been ranked on the 100 Most Powerful Women in the UK list, the London’s Most Influential People list, the Top 30 Ethnic Minorities in the Media list and named as one of Britain’s Most Entrepreneurial Women. She has also claimed the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship and the Ambassador Award at the NatWest Everywoman Awards.

Appointed both MBE and CBE, Kanya is a role model of diversity and inclusion and has revolutionised the music industry with her inclusive awards. Having represented those forgotten by traditional awards, Kanya has set the standards for equality and is a fantastic female motivational speaker to encourage inclusion across society as a whole.

Kanya King | Motivating Diversity

When looking for a motivational speaker who will empower and encourage audiences to support all no matter their race, ethnicity or gender Kanya King is a perfect choice.

Hugely in demand as a media figure and a go-to person for public speaking at community, educational and corporate events, Kanya is no stranger to giving inspirational addresses to everyone from the British Library and Leeds Metropolitan University to Morgan Stanley and the Scottish Institute For Enterprise as well as various engagements on the Continent. She has achieved widespread recognition having been bestowed with a series of honors.

Kanya is a very experienced and accomplished Public Speaker. She has had the pleasure of speaking at varied events and a diverse group of clients have enjoyed her inspirational life story and benefited from tips for budding and established entrepreneurs alike. Kanya King been hosted at community, charity, student and corporate functions including The House of Commons, Universities and Banks and at numerous business events and conferences.

Always an innovator, Kanya King sees obstacles as opportunities and has had a lot of practice at persuading people to come around to her way of thinking. The youngest girl of nine children born to a Ghanaian father and Irish mother, Kanya grew up in a crowded council flat in Kilburn, North London in notably less enlightened times.

Co-founder of DanceStar & The World Dance Music Awards
2016 Media Pioneer Award from the Music Week Women in Music Awards
Named as one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the UK by Woman’s Hour & one of London’s Most Influential People by the London Evening Standard
Listed on the Powerlist of Britain’s Most Influential Black People & as one of Britain’s Most Entrepreneurial Women by Real Business
Named as one of the Top 30 Ethnic Minorities in Media by The Guardian & appointed CBE

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