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In this talk, Jonas Koffler looks at the phenomenon of Hustle, the zeitgeist driving ambition, confidence, and innovation on the one hand, and the dangers of overcommitment and even burnout on the other. It’s a delicate balance, and when done right, smart hustle leads to incredible benefits and breakthroughs.

Hustle is derived from the old Middle Dutch word, Hutselen, which means “to shake” as in to shake free and begin anew. Hence, Hustle is about shaking free of the old, shaking free to change things for the better, to reinvent ourselves, our work and our company, what we and how we do it.

Hustle implies movement toward a goal, however indirect, by which the motion itself manufactures luck, surfaces hidden opportunities, and charges our lives with more money, meaning, and momentum. It’s the way of bettering of our life and work as we know it, and revealing purpose in the process.

And that means, ultimately, building a deepened capacity for movement toward growth, change, and resilience — as individuals, teams, and organizations. Jonas Koffler use entrepreneurial hustle as a vehicle in the spirit of movement, shaking up the status quo and improving everything we do.

In this talk, Jonas Koffler shows you how to develop empathy as your organizational connective tissue. Empathy is a superpower unlike any other. Using experiments as proving ground and experiences as collaborative deep dives, we will harness the power of active listening and attention, problem-solving and awareness, and addressing the care of concerns of one another.

Whether you run a company, a school or an event, taking stock of your community, starts surprisingly, with authenticity, sharing and vulnerability. These enable you to take better care of yourself, your team, and your customers. This alignment improves your bottom line, goodwill, and ability to grow.

Empathy: understanding and respecting one another, making people feel something bigger than themselves… reminding them they are part of something special, always an important individual and contributor in a broader communal mix of work, life, love, and human potential.

Experimentation: taking simple risks and placing small bets on our innovation to ensure that we improve everything we do for ourselves, our team and our organization.

Experience: leveraging the personal and professional context to create a story that’s deeply memorable, unique, inspirational and share-worthy.

If we include all three of these E words, we have something very special, thoughtful, heartfelt, inclusive and whole – that’s what makes life worth living, and it’s what makes community possible.

In this talk, Jonas Koffler explains the obstacles to a healthy and happy work culture, and how to transform your business, workplace, or coworking space into a more positive place where ambition, creative thinking, and supportive collaboration flourish.

A key part of enhancing your company’s experience is focusing on the developmental wellbeing (motivational, inspirational, physical, financial) of your team through a vastly improved learning environment, and introducing active coaching and mentoring programs.

In addition, Jonas Koffler shares key research and trends shaping workplace productivity, collaboration, human potential, and happiness.




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Jonas Koffler is the New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestselling co author of HUSTLE: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum (Rodale, Penguin Random House Books), which Fortune called “a must-read.” It has been published in more than 10 countries. Having recovered from a stroke in his 20s, Jonas is a […]

Jonas Koffler is the New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestselling co author of HUSTLE: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum (Rodale, Penguin Random House Books), which Fortune called “a must-read.”

It has been published in more than 10 countries. Having recovered from a stroke in his 20s, Jonas is a leading voice in enhancing human potential around how we work, live, learn, and play.

Jonas keynotes and leads workshops at Fortune 500 companies, for startups and industry groups, and at colleges and conferences such as SXSW, FestForums and the Future of Work, and at venues like The Wharton Club, on topics ranging from ambition and creativity, entrepreneurship, unconventional thinking and personal innovation, and the power of empathy, storytelling and building conscious brands.

His work has been featured in outlets such as The New York Times, NPR, MarketPlace, FastCompany, Time, Yahoo! Finance, Fox News, Fortune, Self, Success Magazine, numerous interviews, and notable podcasts.

Jonas Koffler has helped organizations in the education, entertainment, financial services, health, media, manufacturing, and real estate sectors enhance their culture and improve brand reputation and marketing. He has worked with C-level executives, management, and bestselling authors, and contributed to the writing and speeches of well-known international thought leaders.

A founding partner of Radical Wellness Inc., Jonas is co-host of the Mental Wellness Summit series, which tackles the challenge of improving mental health and community wellbeing while reducing lifestyle stress.

As a producer, writer, and partner at Koffler Pictures, Jonas Koffler has worked on narratives, documentary films, and branded content, and his work has touched the lives of people around the globe.

Jonas Koffler | Future of Work

Jonas Koffler is currently developing his next book and a new startup, along with a documentary on musicians, mental health and community, called We Care Here. Jonas Koffler, his wife Laura, a wild animal veterinarian and journalist, and their daughter, Cosima, live in Austin and New York.


Mental Health, Future of Work, Future Trends, Innovation, Film & Television, Marketing, Motivational, Overcoming Adversity, Leadership, Building Community, Emcees & Moderators


Keynote, Virtual Presentation, Panel, Fireside Chat, Moderator, Webinar, Workshop and Training

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