Jon Youshaei

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Fees* $10,001 - $20,000

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  • Writer, Forbes, Former Marketing Lead at YouTube & Instagram

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As the creator economy becomes more mainstream, it’s never been more important for brands and creators to stay ahead of the latest trends.

In this presentation, Jon shares his predictions for 2023 as one of the few marketers who has worked at both YouTube & Instagram.

He’ll also share tips and techniques on how he gained over 180 million views in the past year so you can future-proof your social media strategy, revamp your content to include short-form video, and grow your audience as you grow your bottom line.


Copywriting is one of the most important skills in business. Unfortunately, too many people still write like it’s the 1800s.

In this talk, Jon shows how you can change that and apply what he learned as a popular writer for Forbes, Time Magazine, and Fast Company.

He’ll teach you how to simplify your messaging without dumbing it down, write headlines and social copy to increase engagement, and tell stories to get people to pay attention to your brand — and pay for your products.


After nearly a decade inside YouTube and Instagram where he worked with top celebrities and creators, Jon shares his best marketing tips and strategies to grow your audience — and your bottom line.

This keynote features Jon’s in-depth case study of Beyonce where he offers a rare glimpse into her business: how she uses social media to find ideas, why she’s stayed relevant for over 20 years, and what tactics to apply to your business regardless of budget.

Simply put, Jon’s “Beyonce Method” is a modern marketing blueprint that’s as entertaining as it is educational when it comes to taking your storytelling, strategy and marketing to the next level regardless of your industry, expertise, or resources


There’s a reason why Inc Magazine stated: “if anyone has cracked the code for going viral, it’s Jon Youshaei.” In this keynote, Jon breaks down that code step-by-step and demystifies how “the algorithm” actually works after working at the heart of two of the world’s biggest social media platforms.

Jon also outlines his 8 best tips to help increase your engagement, decrease your production time, and use AI tools while staying authentic to your brand.

As a case study, Jon also shares how he used these tips to bootstrap his own channel from 0 to 160 million views so you can put it into practice immediately.


Jon explores the new frontier of AI, NFTs, and the Metaverse, and what it means for your business today. But unlike most talks about this topic, he’ll spare the tech jargon (yes, actually).

By the end of this keynote, you’ll have a clearer idea of how to use AI to create social content without feeling robotic, use NFTs in a way that generates revenue, and make sense of the Metaverse altogether.

After all, we’re living through a unique time where your brand can grow astronomically if you adapt — or be left behind if you don’t.



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As one of few marketers to work at both YouTube and Instagram, Jon Youshaei has been heralded by Inc Magazine for “cracking the code to going viral.” During five years at YouTube, Jon was Head of Creator Product Marketing where he worked with YouTube’s top creators, celebrities & brands to grow their audiences and their […]

As one of few marketers to work at both YouTube and Instagram, Jon Youshaei has been heralded by Inc Magazine for “cracking the code to going viral.”

During five years at YouTube, Jon was Head of Creator Product Marketing where he worked with YouTube’s top creators, celebrities & brands to grow their audiences and their incomes. During the past three years, Jon worked at Instagram where he helped build their creator team to empower a new generation of stars to grow and monetize.

Jon is now a writer for Forbes where he covers the Creator Economy and Web3 and has a popular weekly show where he’s interviewed Paris Hilton, Logan Paul, George Lopez, and Danny DeVito.

Jon Youshaei | Creativity Expert

He’s also a sought-after advisor, investor, and speaker who serves as a Creator-In-Residence for Origin Protocol (top NFT platform with $20M+ in sales), Head Creator Advisor for TubeBuddy (analytics platform used by 9M creators) and recognized by NPR as one of the best commencement speakers since 1774 alongside Steve Jobs, Oprah, and John F. Kennedy.

Jon Youshaei has also been named Forbes 30 Under 30 and LinkedIn honored him as one of their Top Voices on the platform.

No matter your event, Jon has a keynote for your audience or he’ll work with you to create one drawing from his years of industry experience.

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