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Jim O’Neill: Former Commercial Secretary to the UK Treasury (2015-2016).
Goldman Sachs: Chief Economist and later Chairman of Asset Management Division, managing over US$800 billion in assets.
BRIC: Creator of the acronym highlighting the economic potential of Brazil, Russia, India, and China.
Expertise: Renowned for his insights into global economics, emerging markets, and public policy.
Public Speaker: Sought-after for his ability to explain complex economic concepts to diverse audiences.


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Jim O’Neill is a distinguished economist and former Commercial Secretary to the UK Treasury, recognized globally for his significant contributions to economic research and policy. Serving in the UK Treasury from 2015 to 2016, O’Neill played a pivotal role in shaping economic strategy during a critical period for the UK. His deep understanding of global […]

Jim O’Neill is a distinguished economist and former Commercial Secretary to the UK Treasury, recognized globally for his significant contributions to economic research and policy. Serving in the UK Treasury from 2015 to 2016, O’Neill played a pivotal role in shaping economic strategy during a critical period for the UK. His deep understanding of global markets and economic trends has established him as a leading voice in the field of economics.

Jim O’Neill| Global Economist

Before his tenure at the Treasury, O’Neill had a prolific career at Goldman Sachs, where he worked from 1995 to 2013. As the Chief Economist, and later the Chairman of their Asset Management Division, O’Neill was instrumental in managing over US$800 billion in assets. His expertise in identifying and analyzing emerging markets has made him a sought-after speaker at global economic forums and conferences.

One of O’Neill’s most notable achievements is the creation of the acronym “BRIC,” which stands for Brazil, Russia, India, and China. This term has become synonymous with the discussion of emerging market economies and has influenced countless investment and policy decisions. O’Neill’s extensive research and insights into these economies have made him an expert in global economic trends and a valuable advisor to both governments and corporations.

Expertise and Background

Jim O’Neill’s career at Goldman Sachs marked him as one of the most influential economists of his generation. Joining the firm in 1995, he quickly rose through the ranks due to his keen analytical skills and innovative thinking. As Chief Economist, O’Neill was responsible for guiding Goldman Sachs’ economic research and forecasting, providing critical insights that shaped the firm’s global strategy.

In 2010, O’Neill was appointed Chairman of Goldman Sachs’ Asset Management Division, a newly created position reflecting his exceptional leadership and expertise. Under his stewardship, the division managed assets worth over US$800 billion, making it one of the largest asset managers globally. O’Neill’s strategic vision and deep understanding of global markets were key to the division’s success.

O’Neill is perhaps best known for coining the term “BRIC” in a 2001 research paper, highlighting the economic potential of Brazil, Russia, India, and China. This groundbreaking concept has since become a fundamental part of economic discussions and has driven substantial investment into these markets. O’Neill’s research on the BRIC economies has been widely published and continues to influence policymakers and investors worldwide.

Beyond his work at Goldman Sachs, O’Neill has been an influential voice in public policy. As Commercial Secretary to the UK Treasury, he was responsible for promoting the UK’s economic interests globally. He played a crucial role in initiatives aimed at boosting economic growth and addressing regional disparities within the UK.

O’Neill’s contributions to economic thought and policy have earned him numerous accolades. He is a regular commentator in major financial media and a sought-after speaker at international economic forums. His ability to distill complex economic concepts into accessible insights has made him a popular figure among both policymakers and the general public.

Reasons to Book Jim O’Neill

Jim O’Neill’s extensive experience and profound insights into global economics make him an invaluable asset to any event. His ability to analyze and predict economic trends is unmatched, providing audiences with a comprehensive understanding of the forces shaping the global economy. Event planners seeking a speaker who can offer both depth and clarity on economic issues will find O’Neill to be an excellent choice.

O’Neill’s expertise in emerging markets, particularly the BRIC economies, is of significant relevance to businesses and investors looking to navigate these rapidly evolving landscapes. His research and perspectives on these markets can provide actionable insights and strategies for capitalizing on growth opportunities. Booking O’Neill ensures that audiences gain a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities in these key regions.

In addition to his economic acumen, O’Neill’s experience in public policy and asset management allows him to address a broad range of topics, from fiscal policy and economic development to investment strategies and market trends. His diverse background makes him a versatile speaker capable of engaging with a wide array of audiences, from corporate executives and investors to policymakers and academics.

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Summary and Conclusion

Jim O’Neill’s distinguished career in both the private and public sectors has solidified his reputation as a leading expert in global economics. His contributions to economic thought, particularly through his work on the BRIC economies, have had a lasting impact on the field. As a speaker, O’Neill brings a wealth of knowledge and insight, offering audiences a deeper understanding of the global economic landscape.

For event planners, booking Jim O’Neill through Speakers Inc provides access to a speaker whose expertise and engaging presentation style can elevate any event. O’Neill’s ability to articulate complex economic concepts in an accessible manner ensures that audiences come away with valuable insights and practical takeaways. His presence at an event guarantees a high level of engagement and a memorable experience for all attendees.

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