Dr. Robert Genetski

Tagline: Economic Futurist

Keynote Topics

What in the World is Going On?

This presentation identifies countries that are poised for rapid growth as well as those headed for trouble.

The focus can be adjusted for specific countries and for developments that are most appropriate for your audience.

Dr. Genetski provides a layman’s guide to the impact of blockchain technology.

The presentation informs your audience about why this new technology is getting so much attention, how it will impact your industry and how governments will attempt to control it.

Outlook for the Economy & Financial Markets

Dr. Genetski uses time-tested classical principles to prepare your group for upcoming economic and financial issues.

The focus of the presentation can be adjusted to focus on specific industries or markets depending on the audience.

What in the World is Going On?

This talk is based on Dr. Genetski’s popular new book by the same title.

The presentation explains how successful countries provide citizens with high living standards and how policy changes can impact the future wealth and prosperity of any country.

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  • Saugatuck, MI

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  • Fees* $10,001 - $20,000



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With a distinguished career marked by profound insights and a commitment to empowering audiences, Dr. Robert Genetski stands as a guiding force in understanding the economic trends that shape our future. Dr. Robert Genetski | Economic Futurist Dr. Robert Genetski is not just an economist; he is a visionary with a keen ability to foresee […]

With a distinguished career marked by profound insights and a commitment to empowering audiences, Dr. Robert Genetski stands as a guiding force in understanding the economic trends that shape our future.

Dr. Robert Genetski | Economic Futurist

Dr. Robert Genetski is not just an economist; he is a visionary with a keen ability to foresee the economic currents that will define tomorrow. With a Ph.D. in economics and decades of experience as a financial professional, Dr. Genetski brings a wealth of knowledge to the stage. His dynamic presentations blend scholarly acumen with real-world applicability, making the intricacies of economics accessible and engaging for diverse audiences.


  • Economic Futurism: Dr. Genetski’s expertise lies in peering into the future of economics. As an economic futurist, he navigates the complexities of global markets, fiscal policies, and emerging trends to provide audiences with a roadmap for understanding and preparing for what lies ahead.

  • Financial Analysis: With a background in financial analysis, Dr. Genetski brings a data-driven approach to his presentations. His ability to dissect economic indicators, market dynamics, and policy implications offers audiences a comprehensive view of the economic landscape.

What Sets Dr. Genetski Apart:

  • Strategic Insights: Dr. Genetski doesn’t just analyze economic data; he translates it into actionable insights. His presentations go beyond forecasting, providing strategic perspectives that enable businesses, investors, and policymakers to make informed decisions in an ever-changing economic environment.

  • Engaging Delivery: Economics may seem daunting, but Dr. Genetski’s engaging speaking style ensures that complex concepts are not only understandable but also enjoyable. His ability to captivate audiences with compelling narratives and real-world examples sets him apart as a sought-after economic futurist speaker.

Speaking Topics:

  • Navigating Economic Uncertainty: Dr. Robert Genetski unravels the intricacies of economic uncertainty, providing strategies for businesses and individuals to thrive in dynamic markets.

  • Global Economic Trends: Explore the emerging trends shaping the global economy and gain insights into their potential impacts on various sectors.

  • Policy and Economic Outlook: Dr. Genetski offers a nuanced analysis of economic policies, both domestic and international, and their implications for businesses and investors.

Booking Dr. Genetski:

Elevate your event with the expertise of Dr. Robert Genetski. Whether you’re organizing a corporate conference, industry seminar, or educational forum, Dr. Genetski’s presentations promise to enlighten, inspire, and equip your audience with a deeper understanding of the economic landscape.

Robert Genetski has been recognized as one of the top five speakers in the field of economics and finance. He entertains tens of thousands of people each year, using humor and anecdotes to make complex economic issues understandable to all.

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