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About:  Jeremy Blain

Jeremy Blain is an award-winning Business Leader, Futurist, New Era Learning Professional, Author & Conference Speaker.

Jeremy is founder and CEO of PerformanceWorks International (PWI). He has created PWI because he knows that his experience, knowledge and passion can help organisations and individuals face into the changing workplace and help them be fit and ready for the future.

Jeremy is also a newly appointed Advisory Board Member of WDHB; one of the world’s foremost Industry 4.0 immersive learning experiences companies (leadership expeditions, community events and transformational learning interventions for the disruptive era).

Previously, Jeremy Blain has been a partner at Cegos Group, one of the world’s leading professional skills training organisations. His last role was Regional Managing Director for Cegos Asia Pacific. Jeremy has a wealth of International experience having worked in most major and developing markets across the globe.

He is a commercially minded, award-winning L&D entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in the industry as a managing director, partner, trainer, coach, author and program creator.

Jeremy Blain is a Fellow of The Institute of Directors UK (FIoD), holds a Masters of Management in International Business from the Australian Institute of Business and a BA (hons) from Sheffield University (UK).

Jeremy Blain | Digital Futurist

Jeremy regularly shares his ideas and experience. He is a frequent international conference speaker and media commentator on topics related to the global L&D market.

He understands the leadership and management challenges for global organisations as they head into the next workplace shift in the 2020s. He knows how to create solutions that work.

As a result of his research, industry papers and work in the transformation of work and learning in the digital era, Jeremy has been recognized by Stanford Who’s Who since 2013.

In their words: “Jeremy has consistently demonstrated the dedication, vision and skills required to be considered among the best”.

Jeremy Blain has extensive experience working with organisations and individuals on: Digital Transformation, HR and People Development, Leadership and Employee Experience.


  • One CEO is not enough – Welcome to a new age of empowerment

  • Transforming business over the decade ahead – The 5 forces shaping the 2020s and beyond

  • The state of digital transformation and how to fast track implementation

  • Leading & managing the multidimensional, distributed workforce

  • HR 4.0 – transforming human resources for the digital era

  • The blended workforce revolution

  • Mastering the virtual sell – Supercharge selling for the digital, distributed era

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Keynote Topics

We are entering a new age of empowerment. Leadership at all levels can become the reality many have been striving for. We must unleash the inner CEO within our people and create the conditions where everyone has the opportunity to contribute beyond their job role, more strategically across the broader organisation.


In his groundbreaking book and associated learning solutions, author and business transformation expert Jeremy Blain sets out exactly how to achieve this reality.


Unleashing leadership at all levels and creating in-role CEOs drives a more collective and collaborative approach to organisational growth, while releasing executive leaders, non-executive directors and boards to focus on navigating an increasingly uncertain future.


The Inner CEO: Unleashing leaders at all levels will arm executive leaders with the steps to make this a reality in their organisation, as well as supporting individuals who are ready to step up as unleashed in-role CEOs.

The rise of the independent workforce, being most recently fuelled by a mass Gen X influx, is the human capital trend for the 2020s as digital nomads and other contingent workers become a more formalised part of the workforce.


Corporate enterprise needs to mobilise and define new rules of the road for human capital management. We call it ‘GigHR©’.


GigHR© is the continuous adaptation, leveraging, and application of Organisational Development and HR management practices to an increasingly diverse and blended workforce, to achieve optimum results for organisations and their stakeholders (Haynes and Blain, 2020)

A Step-by-Step Model

The Digital Leadership Playbook is designed for you to understand how to successfully digitally transform your organization and to guide your organization through the transformation by answering pivotal questions and adopting the Ticking Clock© model.


The Playbook discusses:


1. Strategic Positioning

One of the first challenges is to recognize the role digital plays in the organization’s strategy. It is not about creating a digital strategy but having a strategy to compete in a digital world. This Playbook addresses your strategic positioning around Future Thinking, Centricity and being Future Ready.


2. Operational Transformation

Leaders now recognize that digital transformation is about the whole business transformation. It is not only about automating backend processes or creating new apps. This includes customer centricity, empowering employees, culture shift, and building core technology platform.


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