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Henry Evans is the Founder and Managing Partner for Dynamic Results, LLC. In his career, Henry Evans has delivered more than 10,000 hours of Executive Coaching and also, more than 2000 hours of Change Management and Strategic Implementation services to clients.

He applies the knowledge and experience gleaned from numerous successes and a failure in his own career, augmented by the knowledge gained in working with his executive clients every day.

In 2008, Henry authored Winning With Accountability: The Secret Language of High Performing Organizations (over 100,000 in print). The book and the method it covers, are in use by organizations ranging from multi-national corporations, to U.S., Asian, and European Executive MBA programs.

In 2014, Henry co-authored Step Up, Lead in Six Moments that Matter with Dr. Colm Foster (foreword by Marshall Goldsmith). The book offers insights on the six critical moments when anyone can demonstrate leadership, regardless of their title. “Step Up” is an Amazon Top 10 business book and also one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 5 recommended business reads for 2014.

Henry Evans is also a former Chairman for Vistage, the world’s largest organization of CEOs with 8000 members in fifteen countries. In this role, Henry facilitated small groups or “think tanks” of CEOs, helping them increase their effectiveness and enhance their lives personally and professionally. In addition to facilitating all day monthly meetings, he personally coached each member for 1 1/2 hours each month. Henry also delivers seminars to Vistage groups nationally on the subject of “Creating High Accountability Cultures.”

From 1992-2003, Henry was President and CEO of a National Advantage Group member company, which he owned and founded. He also was the founder and Managing Partner of the Advantage Group, LLC. Henry served in other member companies as VP of Strategic Development, and Business Manager. He ran all operations of a national manufacturing and distribution company including two software conversions affecting all operations. Henry was responsible for all business plans, banking relationships, software development, and the development of a classroom training curriculum for all Advantage Group employees, both industry and non-industry specific.

Prior to forming the Advantage Group, Henry worked as an independent business consultant with a primary focus on creating Quality Control initiatives for companies. Henry began his career importing seafood from Asia and distributing it to supermarket and restaurant chains throughout the U.S.

During school Henry worked on a commercial fishing boat, as a waiter, an intern at a NYC television station, a truck driver, and as a rent collector for landlords.

Henry Evans has traveled all over the world, competed in martial arts, skydived, taught self-defense, and is an avid reader and meditator. During his career, Henry has done volunteer work with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. He also mentored at-risk youth, served on the Foundation Board for Presbyterian Healthcare.

Henry Evans has delivered keynote speeches, was a real estate investor, chaired two industry organizations, has been interviewed by Entrepreneur magazine, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, The Washington Post, Fast Company, and others including the Huffington Post. He has spent more than 10,000 hours coaching other executives, lectured on business ethics at the Anderson School of Management and since 2007, Henry earned the Business Leadership Center’s Teaching Excellence Award 16 times, at the SMU Cox School of Business where he is also an instructor.

Henry is a licensed and practicing MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) referee in the states of Texas and New Mexico.

In 2005, Henry earned qualification as an assessor of Emotional Intelligence in individuals and groups. In 2007, he became a certified facilitator in Strategic Planning by the Institute of Cultural Affairs. In 2010, Henry was certified as an assessor in the Leadership Edge Executive Assessment Instrument.

Born and raised in New York City, Henry Evans spent 14 years in New Mexico, 9 years in Texas, and has worked in more than 10 countries. He currently resides in San Francisco. In 1997 he formulated his personal mission statement:

“My goal is to leave every person and situation better than I found them.”

Henry Evans | Executive Leadership


Henry delivers powerful talks, focused on simple, proven, take-away tools for audience members. Hear Henry Evans speak and you will leave the room with new ways of improving your efficiency, culture and business results. Author and Co-Author of Winning With Accountability and Step Up, Henry will energize your audience in a way which creates sustainable value to your organization.

With over 100,000 copies in print, Henry Evans best-selling book, “Winning With Accountability, the Secret Language of High Performing Organizations” is the basis for his keynote.

Audience members will learn how to navigate the busy environments we work in to clarify expectations, drive better business results, build relationships, and gain a competitive advantage through our Winning With Accountability™ organization and leadership training.

This message focuses on generating leadership at every level of your organization. Author’s Henry Evans and Dr. Colm Foster offer new research and challenge your audience with some counterintuitive ideas like “Get Angry, not Stupid” (the intelligent use of anger in the workplace) and “Appreciating and Leveraging your Pessimists”.

Participants will enjoy an interactive environment where they will earn to recognize the six moments that matter, and also, how to demonstrate leadership when they are in one of those moments.

This isn’t your grandfathers approach to Emotional Intelligence. We challenge the audience to put all the previous reading and studying they have done to work by offering tangible, action oriented ways of building trust, demonstrating vulnerability and creating the appropriate mood for various types of tasks.

Audience members will understand how to read and generate the appropriate emotions for the kind of outcome they are trying to create.

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