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Talent Highlights

  • Change Management Expert: Dr. Mark DeVolder is a renowned expert in change management, with over three decades of experience helping organizations navigate complex transitions. His deep understanding of human behavior and organizational dynamics equips him to guide teams through even the most challenging changes with confidence and resilience.
  • Dynamic Keynote Speaker: Dr. DeVolder is a captivating keynote speaker known for his dynamic and engaging presentations. With a unique blend of humor, storytelling, and practical insights, he leaves audiences inspired and empowered to embrace change and thrive in times of uncertainty.
  • Global Impact: Having spoken in over 50 countries, Dr. DeVolder’s message transcends cultural barriers and resonates with audiences worldwide. From corporate boardrooms to international conferences, his powerful presentations have made a lasting impact on organizations and individuals across the globe.
  • Author and Thought Leader: Dr. DeVolder is the author of several acclaimed books on change management, including “Change Up: Unleash the Power of Positive Change,” which offers practical strategies for driving successful change initiatives. As a thought leader in his field, he continues to shape the conversation around change and transformation.
  • Trusted Advisor: Organizations turn to Dr. DeVolder as a trusted advisor and consultant, seeking his expertise in crafting effective change management strategies. His collaborative approach, combined with his proven track record of success, makes him an invaluable partner in driving organizational change and achieving sustainable growth.

Keynote Topics

Adapt to Extreme Change and Achieve New Heights

Change is constant, unpredictable and accelerating. Extreme change can – much like a hurricane – leave you dizzy, disorientated and dazed, as though the earth is moving under your feet. Even if you survive the storm, you know that more is coming …

Change expert, Dr Mark DeVolder, throws a lifeline to you, your executive team and employees with change strategies and tools that he has developed to clear away the fog. Mark equips audiences with cutting-edge principals that energize people in the midst of change. His proven transition model enables people to ‘Accept and Let Go’ of the past and to discover opportunities buried in rubble.

You will learn tools and techniques to:

  • To overcome deer-in-the-headlights syndrome/get mobilized for change.
  • To develop change-ready people, thinking and behaviours.
  • To gain a competitive advantage through shift ability ©
  • To cultivate exceptional leadership skills through flexibility, vulnerability and trust.
  • To dramatically improve personal engagements with breakthrough happiness habits.
  • To implement strategies to increase productivity, profitability and morale.

You will receive practical take-aways:

  1. Change-Ready model for practicing deliberate intuitiveness.
  2. Shift-Ability take-away – Conquering indecision.

When individuals lose their spark, organisations lose their fire. This predicament has a devastating effect on productivity, profitability and company reputation.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Mark’s test-driven model of engagement equips people to identify the causes Of ‘flame-out’ and to recognize behaviours that act as a fire extinguisher.

People will learn how to accept new practices and to let go of the past with Dr Mark DeVolder easy to apply engagement strategy that increases clarity, competence, influence and appreciation.

Dr Mark DeVolder shows leaders how to:

  • Identify behaviours to increase engagement.
  • Re-ignite employees’ passion for teamwork, communication and innovation.
  • Build a culture of trust, loyalty and appreciation.
  • Accelerate performance and productivity.

Practical take-away: Personal Daily Happiness/Engagement Tips

Have you wondered why some people have the ability to change frequently, easily and quickly?

Are you amazed at their creativity, tenacity and results?

These people are shape-shifting entrepreneurs.

In DeVolder’s ground-breaking presentation, you will learn:

  • How to cultivate the heart and mind of an entrepreneur;
  • How to reinvent yourself, overcome obstacles and seize new opportunities.
  • Essential keys of entrepreneurship; flexibility, vulnerability and trusting partnerships.

Don’t settle for being the best. Learn how to be the only one who does what you do.

Engage High-Performance Safety
Hazards and obstacles abound in the fast and frenzied pace of business today.

In the rush to stay competitive, people are increasingly tempted to take short cuts and sacrifice safety.

The most common barrier however, is actually change itself. Some employees feel paralyzed by change and when they feel paralyzed, they disengage. Without the ability or capacity to change, accidents can happen.

Dr Mark DeVolder – Business Strategy Leadership proven transition model enables people to accept new practices and to let go og the unsafe past.

As people become Change Ready, their level of engagement rises. DeVolder supports this progression with his easy to apply strategy, which increases clarity, competence, influence and appreciation.

During Mark’s high performance presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Get Change-Right and Change-Ready
  • Defy change paralysis through Mark’s mobilized-for-safety approach.
  • Significantly reduce the risk of accidents and liability.


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Dr. Mark DeVolder stands as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of transitions, recognized globally for his profound insights and dynamic presentations on navigating change. Renowned as a pioneer in his field, Dr. DeVolder empowers audiences with the tools to embrace change boldly, foster flexibility, and cultivate innovation even in the most challenging circumstances. […]

Dr. Mark DeVolder stands as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of transitions, recognized globally for his profound insights and dynamic presentations on navigating change. Renowned as a pioneer in his field, Dr. DeVolder empowers audiences with the tools to embrace change boldly, foster flexibility, and cultivate innovation even in the most challenging circumstances.

Dr Mark DeVolder Biography:

Dr. Mark DeVolder’s journey to becoming a distinguished authority on transitions is characterized by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a passion for empowering individuals and organizations. With a diverse educational background spanning psychology, communication, and leadership, Dr. DeVolder possesses a unique blend of expertise that enables him to delve deep into the complexities of human behavior during times of change.

Over the course of his career, Dr. DeVolder has dedicated himself to understanding the intricacies of change management, conducting extensive research and collaborating with top-tier organizations worldwide. His commitment to excellence has earned him a reputation as the ‘Change Specialist,’ a moniker that aptly reflects his unparalleled expertise in the field.

Keynote Presentations:

Dr. DeVolder’s presentations are distinguished by their high energy, rich content, and humor-filled delivery. Drawing from real-world examples and cutting-edge research, he illuminates the pitfalls that often derail change initiatives while offering practical strategies for success. Through engaging anecdotes and interactive exercises, Dr. DeVolder captivates audiences and equips them with the mindset and skills necessary to thrive amidst constant change.


The impact of Dr. DeVolder’s work extends far beyond the confines of the stage, as evidenced by the transformative effects experienced by his clients. From Fortune 500 companies to government agencies and non-profit organizations, Mark has left an indelible mark on countless individuals and teams, inspiring them to embrace change as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Why Choose Dr. Mark DeVolder:

  1. Original Thinker: Dr Mark DeVolder brings a fresh perspective to the challenges of change, challenging conventional wisdom and offering innovative solutions.
  2. Motivator: With his infectious enthusiasm and unwavering optimism, Dr. DeVolder motivates audiences to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities in times of transition.
  3. Expertise: Backed by years of research and practical experience, Dr. DeVolder possesses a wealth of knowledge that is unmatched in the field of change management.
  4. Proven Track Record: Dr. DeVolder’s track record speaks for itself, with a long list of satisfied clients who have experienced tangible results after implementing his strategies.
  5. Engagement: Dr. DeVolder’s dynamic speaking style ensures that audiences remain engaged and inspired from start to finish, making his presentations both enjoyable and impactful.

Why Book Through Speakers Inc:

Event planners seeking to elevate their events to new heights would be wise to enlist the services of Dr. Mark DeVolder through Speakers Inc. As a premier speakers bureau with a reputation for excellence, Speakers Inc. is committed to connecting clients with top-tier talent who can deliver unforgettable experiences. By partnering with Speakers Inc., event planners gain access to a curated roster of speakers, including Dr. DeVolder, who have been vetted for their expertise, professionalism, and ability to captivate audiences. With Speakers Inc. handling the logistics, event planners can focus on creating an exceptional event that leaves a lasting impression on attendees.

In conclusion, Dr. Mark DeVolder emerges as a transformative figure in the realm of change management, offering invaluable insights and strategies for navigating transitions with confidence and resilience. Through his dynamic presentations and unwavering commitment to excellence, Dr. DeVolder continues to inspire individuals and organizations to embrace change as a catalyst for growth and innovation. For event planners seeking to enhance their next event, partnering with Speakers Inc. to book Dr. DeVolder ensures a memorable and impactful experience that will resonate long after the applause has faded.

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