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Leadership | Motivation

Dr. Christopher Meade brings more than 25 years of entrepreneurship, business ownership, management and leadership experience to his role as president and chief training officer at Leadership Alive, Inc.,® a leader-building organization.

What You Can Expect

I will provide you with a professionally prepared, dynamically delivered keynote presentation focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience. This includes a pre-event, personal phone consultation with me prior to your event, so I can better understand how I can best serve you and your audience.

Dr. Christopher Meade will customize my presentation to meet your organization’s specific needs. My goal is to facilitate the outcome you want to create. Select me as a speaker, and I will give you a 110% effort. I will inspire and energize your audience with professional content aimed at helping you achieve the goals you’ve set for your event.

Speaker Experience And Background

I bring nearly 25 years of entrepreneurship, business ownership, management and leadership experience to my role as President at Leadership Alive, Inc.,®., a leader-building organization. I hold a PhD from the University of Idaho in Adult & Organizational Learning with a concentration in Leadership.

As well, Dr. Christopher Meade holds two Masters degrees and a certificate in Disruptive Strategy from Harvard Business School. As a former business dean, award-winning MBA professor, and author of five books, I have been speaking publicly for more than 25 years and have keynoted close to 100 events in the United States. I have also spoken in 15 cities throughout China.

Dr. Christopher Meade has trained over 500+ teams and organizations, many are top-tier firms such as: Nike, Microsoft, Salesforce, Game Stop, Cisco, NFL Detroit Lions, United States Treasury & Commerce, Abbott Laboratories, Hewlett Packard, Taj Palaces & Resorts, United Healthcare, Federal Reserve Bank, Dell Computers, Parker Aerospace, Code.org and Children For The Nations.

Dr. Christopher Meade | Business Leadership

10 Keynote Presentations:

  • Transform You. Transform Business: Experiencing Personal And Professional Transformation
  • The Truth About Change: Discovering Opportunity In the Midst of Disruption
  • Leading Strategic Change, Innovation & Business Transformation: The 10 Elements ln Leading Successful Change™
  • Developing Trusted Servant Leadership™: A New Kind Of Leader For a New Kind of World
  • Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence: EQiAlive™ -The Other Kind Of Smart.
  • Maximizing Human Potential: Unlocking Human Sigma By Understanding The Nature Of Talent.
  • ETHIC™ – Leveraging The Human Factor In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence and Accelerated Change
  • Becoming A World-Class Organization: The Twin Engines That Create And Sustain An Enduring Company
  • Trust Accelerators™ –  Activating The Domino Effect That Accelerates Team Engagement, Innovation & High-Performance
  • Servantology™ – The Periodic Elements Of Servant Leadership.

Keynote Structure

A standard keynote talk is approximately 45-60 minutes. I can customize the topic around your conference theme and/or program objectives. Dr. Christopher Meade can also deliver the keynote in a more interactive format (up to 1.5 hours) if that would serve your event better.

To do this we would add an element to the keynote such as a small group breakout to discuss some questions around the keynote topic or your conference theme.

This keeps everyone engaged during a longer presentation. High quality visual slides are used as well. I am confident that I will inspire, engage and connect with your audience. Bottom line: I’ll deliver on all that I have promised.

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