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  • Trailblazing physicist, dedicated to empowering women in STEM
  • Chief data scientist innovating technology for the future of work
  • Pioneer and futurist in the field of Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Speaker Deborah Berebichez is a television host, a physicist, and a data scientist. She often delivers professional keynotes to audience members looking to advance their conversation of all things science.
  • Deborah is an award-winning television host and Ph.D. graduate open to creating grand understandings for audience members to grow their mindset and overall reach.

Keynote Topics

In today’s volatile business environment, where it is tempting to make decisions based on personal opinion, gut feelings or groupthink, companies need data-literate employees who can make data-driven decisions more than ever: data-driven companies outperform their competitors.

This talk is focused on how to create a data-literate workforce. Dr. Berebichez, Chief Data Scientist at Metis, will discuss how to build an environment where people and data work together for better business.

In this talk you will learn three important techniques to extract the most value out of a company’s data and thrive:

  • The proven benefits of a data-driven culture
  • How to create a company-wide, data-driven business environment
  • Examples of success and pitfalls to avoid when training employees in data-literacy

 Debbie grew up in a conservative community that discouraged girls from pursuing a career in science, technology or engineering.

In high school she was told that if she were too smart, she would never be liked and that it would be better for her to pursue a feminine career. But she wanted to understand how the world works, so she defied her parents and friends and studied physics becoming the first Mexican woman to graduate with a PhD in physics from Stanford.

In this inspirational presentation, she shares the ups and downs of her path, which led her to becoming a physicist, a TV host of science programs and a mentor to young women who want to become scientists.

Dr. Berebichez uses examples from her life-story to illustrate three principles – a strategic checklist that teaches women how to succeed in STEM (science, tech, engineering & math) and to remove barriers for other people to pursue careers in science and technology.

Our lives are full of things. Alarm clock, shower, coffeemaker, clothes, phone, watch, car, computer, desk, chair—every day we interact with more things than people.

If things could talk, they would be our best friends.  And soon they will be. Because the things in our lives have started to talk to us, helping us make each day a little better, from the watch that monitors our health to the car that drives itself. This interconnected world—the Internet of Things (IoT)—offers new possibilities for personal growth.

It offers exciting business opportunities and some unique challenges regarding data ethics, privacy and security.  In this talk, Debbie presents examples of the new culture of experimentation and innovation brought upon by IoT and how new business models are being created.

She explores the future of predictive maintenance, what happens when products become services, and helps you reimagine the future of your own products, services and existing supply chains.

Debbie tells us stories of the wonderful future that IoT is bringing to us and how it’s defying the status quo in every aspect of our lives. She also discusses the important challenges to security and privacy that come with this new reality.

  • Workshop: Statistics and the Art of Deception

Data scientists use statistics to reach meaningful conclusions about data. Unfortunately, statistical tools are often misapplied, resulting in errors that cost both time and money.

By being aware of the most common mistakes involving statistics, we can become better and more productive data scientists. To illustrate the kinds of problems that often arise, Debbie presents examples of egregious misuses of statistics in business, technology, science, and the media and analyzes them through a review of basic statistical concepts.

She explains how to weed out the most common errors and reduce the chance of being fooled by statistics.

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  • New York, NY

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Déborah Berebichez is the first Mexican woman to obtain a Ph.D. in physics from Stanford University. Her passion is to empower young people to learn science and to improve the state of STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math) in the world. Her education and background help her to make science accessible to a wide range […]

Déborah Berebichez is the first Mexican woman to obtain a Ph.D. in physics from Stanford University. Her passion is to empower young people to learn science and to improve the state of STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math) in the world. Her education and background help her to make science accessible to a wide range of audiences.

She is the Lead Scientist in Microelectronics and Quantum Computing at one of Europe’s leading research institutes, VTT, where she sets the research agenda for the quantum computer and its quantum-adjacent technologies. Collaborating with the businesses who use VTT’s quantum facilities, she drives product innovation.

Deborah Berebichez | Trailblazing Physicist

Prior to this, Dr. Deborah Berebichez was Chief Data Scientist at Metis, where she lead the creation and growth of exceptional data science and artificial intelligence training opportunities. She was responsible for ensuring the quality of the Metis’ corporate training, professional development and online programs. She also formerly worked as Vice President of Risk Analytics at MSCI, where she used her quantitative skills to advise top tier banks and hedge funds on managing portfolio risk.

She is Co-Host of Discovery Channel’s ‘Outrageous Acts of Science’ television show, where she uses her knowledge of physics to explain the science behind extraordinary engineering feats, and she regularly makes television appearances as a science expert, including on the Travel Channel, NOVA, CNN, FOX, MSNBC and several international media outlets. Previously, she helped to run ‘Technovation Challenge’ which teaches hundreds of high school girls from under-served communities how to code science-based mobile apps.

She actively contributes to the national data science ecosystem and frequently engages with the data science community as a keynote speaker or panellist at data science conferences. Déborah was the keynote speaker at Oprah Winfrey’s National Women in Leadership Conference and has presented for TED, Bank of America, Pfizer, The New York Times, WIRED, University of Cambridge amongst others.

Déborah Berebichez completed two postdoctoral fellowships at Columbia University’s Applied Math and Physics Department and at NYU’s Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences where she researched acoustic waves. As part of her research, she invented a highly effective technique in the fields of wireless communications to focus signals at a targeted location.

Déborah’s work in science education has been recognised worldwide, including by the WSJ, Oprah, Dr Oz, CNN, TED, DLD, WIRED and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

She was recently made an AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador for her dedicated work in empowering young women to learn science and to improve STEM education worldwide. Deborah Berebichez is a John C. Whitehead Fellow at the Foreign Policy Association, a winner of the Society of SHPE’s STAR Award and a recipient for Top Latina Tech Blogger by the Association of Latinos in Social Media LATISM.

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