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Talent Highlights

  • We help human-centered leaders find clarity in uncertainty, drive innovation, and achieve breakthrough results.
  • In the ten years since founding Let’s Grow Leaders, we have grown tens of thousands of leaders on every continent (except Antarctica) working with fast-growing businesses and some of the largest global brands.
  • We’ve been where you are, faced the challenges and the headaches, and know what it takes to achieve lasting results.

Keynote Topics

This program is perfect for:

Fast growing teams or organizations
Associations serving highly disrupted, fast-changing industries
Organizations going through times of significant change (e.g. mergers, restructures)
The audience will leave with:

Confidence to navigate through the uncertainty with poise
Communication techniques to keep their teams focused on what matters most
Tools to think build critical thinking capacity and make better decisions
Strategic questions to help uncover new strategic opportunities and insights

This program is perfect for:

Overwhelmed managers working to take their results and relationships to the next level
Leaders working to build a high-performing, high-engagement culture
Teams looking for practical tools and techniques they can use right away

The audience will leave with:

Ways to stay focused on the MIT (most important things) that contribute to consistent, breakthrough results
Tools to correct poor performance without drama
Techniques to build better relationships up, down and sideways
A better understanding of how to give each team member what they need most to take their performance to the next level
Tools for building a more competent, confident team

Manager’s face aggressive goals and often drive their teams to burn out trying to deliver. Or, employees seek connection and support, so managers focus on relationships . . . and fail to make the numbers.

Winning Well is a manager’s lifeline for getting the results they need while keeping employees (and themselves) energized and motivated.

Filled with humor, straight talk, and hard-won truths, David Dye inspiring keynote delivers principles and practices to galvanize your team in positive and productive ways.

Do you have a tough conversation you need to have, but are avoiding at all costs?

This program is perfect for:

Leaders working to build a high-performing culture
Managers struggling to have the tough conversations vital to building healthy, high performing teams
Managers working to build more productive relationships up, down and sideways
The audience will leave with:

Tools to solve 90% of your tough conversations before they happen
Approaches for “ditching the diaper genie” to have the tough conversations that need to happen
The I.N.S.P.I.R.E. method of delivering tough feedback
An easy-to-use methodology for asking strategic questions that uncover vulnerabilities and opportunities for strategic growth

What would happen if every member of your team came to work focused on finding solutions and creating better results?

This program is perfect for:

Senior and mid-level managers
Managers struggling to get their teams to think more creatively and solve problems on their own

Teams looking to take their performance to the next level

The audience will leave with:

Easy-to-use tools and techniques to empower solutions-thinking and customer-focused problem solving
 A clear understanding of what’s blocking everyday innovation in their teams
 Communication strategies to eliminate FOSU (Fear of Speaking Up) and encourage deeper dialogue up, down and sideways
 A plan they can apply right away

Author and international keynote speaker David Dye gives leaders the roadmap they need to transform results. David Dye works with leaders around the world who want to achieve breakthrough results without losing their soul (or mind) in the process. He gets it because he’s been there: a former executive and elected official, David Dye has over two […]

Author and international keynote speaker David Dye gives leaders the roadmap they need to transform results.

David Dye works with leaders around the world who want to achieve breakthrough results without losing their soul (or mind) in the process.

He gets it because he’s been there: a former executive and elected official, David Dye has over two decades of experience leading teams, building organizations, and working with Boards of Directors to transform their effectiveness. He is the award-winning author of 3 books: Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results Without Losing Your Soul, The Seven Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say, and Glowstone Peak – a book for readers of all ages about courage, influence, and hope.

Known for his optimism, for making difficult concepts understandable, and for moving leaders to immediate, practical action.

David’s keynotes and training programs help leaders across industries to increase their influence, solve common leadership frustrations, and improve productivity through practical leadership inspiration.

David Dye has a BA in Political Science from the University of Colorado and a Masters Degree in Management from Regis University.

He and his wife, Karin Hurt, are dedicated to their philanthropic initiative, Winning Wells, which provides clean water wells to communities struggling with access to safe water throughout Southeast Asia.

David Dye lives outside of Washington, DC. He loves the meditation of a hiking trail, the reward of high mountain peaks, and is proud of the impact his children are having around the world.

David Dye | Leadership Speaker

David Dye very popular keynote works well across a wide range of industries, countries, and cultures and is easily adapted for leaders and individual contributors at all levels. Filled with inspiring stories, humor, and very practical tools, your audience will leave with tools they can implement right away to take their communication to the next level.

This can also be delivered as a breakout, following the Winning Well keynote.

Karin and David Dye will inspire your team with real examples of turnaround success both in their executive roles and in their work with companies around the world. Your audience will leave with tools and techniques they can immediately apply with their teams.

Join Karin and David Dye to get the antidote to uncertainty, help your leaders and teams to thrive during times of change, and make ambiguity work for you, not against you. We will work with you to fully customize this program based on your biggest pain points.

This highly interactive program will give your team an opportunity to surface and have candid conversations that address their fears, and give them to tools to navigate the change with more confidence and competence.

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