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How to Get Quicker Responses to Your Email that Pay Off!



Make Your Email Subject and Content Fun, Compelling, Curious, and Commanding To Get Quicker Responses that Pay Off!

By Joy Baldridge

Have you ever been surprised or frustrated by how few return emails you receive when reaching out to your prospects and customers/clients?

Responsiveness is at an all-time low. Everyone is overwhelmed and inundated with emails. This is nothing new. So, to stand out you need to do something different. Something fun, compelling, curious, and commanding.

I’ve always been ranked #1 in every sales position I’ve ever held. I currently work with the best companies in the world as a sales innovator and keynote speaker, with the sole goal of helping the best become even better at increasing revenue and productivity while decreasing frustration and stress.

These are my Golden Nuggets that have the biggest payoff when it comes to receiving more and faster email replies.

The trick is creating a fun, compelling, curious, and commanding subject line.

Use of Humor

The fastest way to connect people is to make them laugh. I have a cartoon and humorous quote collection that I use to get more email replies quicker and build relationships faster, and you can start collecting too. Cartoons and quotes must be humorous and most importantly relevant and appropriate.

Problem — I met with a prospect who was the head of sales at a major bath and kitchen hardware supply organization. We were discussing the idea of me kicking off their national sales meeting. We had a great conversation. She was very interested and yet did not reply to any of my follow-up emails. I could not get a reply from her to save my life. Can you relate?

After about four weeks of crickets, I found a pertinent cartoon. It was a picture drawn of a woman in a bathtub. The caption read: “All’s well that ends in a bathtub!” A twist on the Shakespeare ubiquitous quote “All’s well that ends well.” I got a reply within minutes of hitting the send button. And you can too by using this and other ideas in this blog. (Yes, some cartoons are copyrighted. So of course, you may not be able to use the picture image. But quotes usually are not copyrighted. So, I could’ve also sent the quote without the image and had the same positive outcome with the subject line: “Humorous quote of the day!”)

Have the subject say: Cartoon of the Day — Humorous Quote of the Day — Have a Laugh on Me!


Use of Video

Many sales reps are creating video links for their email messages. The trick is to get the email opened and the video watched. Have the subject say: I made this video just for you…

The video can have you speaking about the customer and the benefits of what you have to offer them. It can introduce customers to you, your background, and products/services.

In a few videos I made to add some fun I had my dog Winter on my lap. (See photo below) Most people love animals! You may have to get permission from your manager before sending the cartoons or videos. But they work! (Recently TV and Internet advertising are using animals in their adds more than ever and this strategy works to increase visibility and sales!)


Winter, Star of my Sales Videos
Use of Persuasive Words

“Noticed” is one of the 30 most persuasive words in the English language. People like to be noticed! “Because” is another.

Have the subject say: I noticed…. Contacting you because… Put the reason in the email.

Inside you can say — I noticed that you are XX and was wondering if we can briefly meet to discuss YY.


According to our research and case studies the subject that gets the MOST replies is simple but effective!

I was on a sales consulting assignment at a healthcare organization when a sales admin said she cracked the code on getting more and quicker email replies. She said she got tired of not getting replies so she started experimenting with different subject phrases. She said that after weeks of trying different subject line words, the phrase that pays 60% of the time — and far more than any other is: Reply (or Response) Requested.

So over the past 5 years since she shared these results with me, I have mentioned this as a tool at sales events. Afterwards, sales reps and mangers have called or emailed me saying, Hey, “Reply Requested” really works! Give it a try. It can work for you too!


Joy Baldridge is a Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Author & Consultant


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