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Do You Exercise Inclusive Listening?

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Author:  Heather R Younger

I had a recent team meeting where I brought our Caring Leadership coaches together to discuss an idea regarding the community. The call ended up going in an entirely different direction, but ended up in an amazing place. As the conversation grew, many strong opinions came forth on all sides, but I trusted each of them individually to carry everything out well. Could the call have flown off the rails?


Sure. But because I was open to hearing all of these different opinions. I was practicing an essential part of caring leadership: inclusive listening. Having the willingness to hear from diverse voices and accept dissenting opinions not only supported my team to continue their conversation in an authentic way, but also allowed each participant to be and feel heard.   Inclusive listening can apply to all areas of your life.


It’s an ongoing skill that you can constantly improve, especially when it comes to leadership. Here are a few ways to do that:   Don’t Just Listen; ACT! As diversity grows around you, in the workplace or otherwise, you’ll likely find yourself coming to head with personalities you haven’t encountered before.




Article written by: Heather R younger who is a diversity & inclusion, Customer Experience speaker from Denver, CO  


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