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Perhaps it’s not surprising that many HR professionals, corporate leaders, and employees are not satisfied with the current state of performance management. I always get zero hands raised when I ask participants to raise their hands if they are satisfied with their current performance management systems in many conferences across multiple industries in different countries.

Organisations spend valuable resources on performance management systems that don’t actually work for anyone. There is plenty of evidence that traditional performance management systems are not even close to delivering on their promises for many reasons.

Over the past decade, I was fortunate to be entrusted by several employers to experiment with new practices and interventions to revamp and reinvent performance management systems and their associated leadership practices, driven by robust constructs of positive and organizational psychology to drive innovation, foster engagement, enhance wellbeing and incorporate collaborative intelligence into organisation’s DNA.

This keynote is crafted to provide a unique thoughtful experience for our attendees to rethink the reality of today’s talent management landscape, what type of talents organizations need to ensure their performance management systems can nurture and why organizations need more intrapreneurs in order to thrive rather than survive in today’s economy.

Reimagine leadership in today’s hyper-competitive and hyper-connected world to help talents bring their whole self to work, capitalizing on their character strengths and how they can collaboratively work to augment their intelligence as a team alongside today’s powerful technologies such as chat-gpt and Artificially intelligent new colleagues.

Exploring possible interventions and practices to reinvent your performance management system alongside a multi-dimensional integrated model of our very own Growth and Impact system that is designed and implemented to drive innovation, foster engagement and collaborative intelligence, capitalizing on the synergistic power of strength-based approaches, peer caching, job crafting and positive psychology coaching.

Welcome to the post-digital age, where hyper-competition, hyper-connectedness, accelerated technology advances, E-commerce, ageing population, scarcity of resources and massive enhancements in Artificial and intelligence are among a plethora of factors that are powerfully impacting the global dispersion of work today,

Urging workplaces to reinvent themselves and reimagine innovative approaches to leadership, whilst moving from rigid, disciplined and controlled beehives towards agile, flexible, responsive and innovative slinky-coil like organisations that can thrive rather than just striving to survive in an ever-changing complex world.

This keynote is designed to inspire your audience to reimagine leadership practices in light of today’s global challenges, whilst examining foreseeable forces that impact today’s workplace and the world of work. Leadership is one of the most widely discussed topics and it might be considered the most important factor in organisational success and sustainability.

Leadership and technology are quite similar in terms of how fast they are changing and evolving every day.

Your audience will surely leave inspired with some practical insights that they can put into practice immediately to improve leadership practices within their teams and organizations.

Over the past two decades, many organisational scholars and psychologists mulled over how the emerging science of positive psychology can be used to improve employee well-being and organisational effectiveness, resulting in a number of ways and interventions the world of work can be improved by positive psychology science across various relevant fields, comprising management, leadership and human resources management.

As a psychologist, I’m committed to putting science to work, blessed to experience mind-blowing results when positive psychology constructs and concepts are incorporated into organisational leadership and HR systems and practices to help talent thrive and flourish.

This keynote is crafted to offer fascinating thoughts about how positive psychology interventions and applications can revamp our workplaces today, creating meaningful experiences at work, glueing talents to their purposes, connecting their strengths to their jobs, and maximizing their impact on both organisational and personal growth.

Such a very unique keynote will certainly make your audience’s minds buzz with ideas and thoughts to transform workplace experiences and rethink many taboos and legacy practices to help their talents thrive and flourish up to their fullest potential.

Employee engagement and collaborative intelligence might be two different topics but they are greatly interrelated and intertwined.

They are both critical pillars for organisational growth and sustainability, particularly in today’s dynamic and changing world. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has moved from its scary version of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity and ambiguity) to another scarier version of BANI (Brittle, Anxious, Non-Linear and Incomprehensible).

This keynote combines theory with practice to help your audience differentiate work from employee engagement, explore practical ways of measuring real engagement, and clearly monitor the impact of their HR or leadership interventions effectively.

Furthermore, such a knowledge-dense talk focuses on the correlation between engagement, collaborative intelligence, agility and innovation, equipping your audience with practical tips, towards removing inclusion barriers to ensure diverse talents are empowered to collaboratively work to make innovation a responsibility for everyone.

Amin Sorour is a Positive Organisational Psychologist Award winning HR Leader (Regional & Global Experience) Speaker, Moderator and Facilitator. Amin is a frequent conference speaker, contributing to many global and regional HR/ Leadership events across different countries. He has been recognized recently as one of the most influential HR Leaders from the Middle East by […]

Amin Sorour is a Positive Organisational Psychologist Award winning HR Leader (Regional & Global Experience) Speaker, Moderator and Facilitator.

Amin is a frequent conference speaker, contributing to many global and regional HR/ Leadership events across different countries. He has been recognized recently as one of the most influential HR Leaders from the Middle East by ETHRWorld Middle East. Amin is a founding member and part of the advisory council of the Intelligent Leadership Hub (ILH), UK (a leadership ThinkTank).

As a professional, Amin Sorour stands at the forefront of the fast-changing Organization Development, Psychology & Human Resources development sector, known for his tireless work ethic and hands-on transformative approaches to reinvent performance management and leadership practices in today’s hyper-competitive world of work.

Amin Sorour | Management Expert

Amin currently works as Director of Human Resources at the Egyptian Banking Institute (the training arm of the Central Bank of Egypt), bringing up more than 18 years of experience in multiple industries (e.g. Pharmaceutical, Higher Education, Consultancy, and Banking) with both regional and global experiences.

He was appointed the Regional HR Manager for the Middle East and North Africa for an international European pharmaceutical company, whilst being assigned a global project to implement a modern and agile performance management system across overseas sales offices in Europe, Asia and Africa.

He is fortunate to lead several HR, Cultural & Digital transformation projects.

Amin is a strong advocate of strength-based practices besides fostering autonomy, agile coaching and collaborative intelligence as key drivers of organizational growth and strong enablers of human performance.

Amin Sorour has a robust non-stop education journey that started by studying pharmacy as his bachelor’s degree before nurturing his passion in HR through studying the HR Management Post-graduate diploma and then the Executive Management diploma at the American University in Cairo, whilst being a certified international professional manager from the American Certification Institute, USA, and in the final stage of his Master’s degree in Psychology at the University of Liverpool John Moores, the UK with an intentional focus on Organisational and Positive psychology.

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