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Inspirational Speaker | Ocean Conservation

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Thrive will give you the necessary tools to face and overcome these unprecedented and challenging times


overcoming the seemingly impossible obstacles along the way and against all odds.


This talk will inspire, educate, and motivate audiences through Chris sharing his incredible captivating stories, lessons, and learnings.


From surfing massive waves, battling great white sharks and giant squid, shattering World Records, and so much more..

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About The Speaker

Chris Bertish has become a sought after global motivational keynote and TEDx guest speaker.

There’s an authenticity to this material that makes people sit up and listen – because Chris walks his talk. In his popular motivation talks, Chris doesn’t just talk about what he does (believe it or not, he’s not one to brag about his achievements).

Instead, he talks about why he does it.

Client Testimonials

"Chris is an amazing human!! Hearing how he maintained his positivity and mental health through his incredible voyage is amazingly inspirational."
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KATRINA TEMPERO – UX Manager, Google
"His incredibly inspiring talk stuck deeply in my mind and motivated me to: get back into fitness, take on intentional nutrition for health rather than just pleasure,"
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MICHAEL EASTWOOD – Senior System Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA
"He’s an expert on shifting his comfort zone, and it’s clear through his public speaking that he is right in his comfort zone. This was one of our most successful talks at Salesforce.”
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KELLY COWDEN – Industry Events & Sponsors, Salesforce

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