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In this The Talking Stick podcast, you’ll hear collective wisdom, insights and practical strategies from communication experts around the world ON how to do exactly that, and how to present with increased confidence, clarity and credibility.

Bonita Nuttall has almost two decades worth of experience as a presenter, including 7 years as a TV journalist on an international, award-winning program.

TV Presenter of more than 140 episodes on a number of TV shows, a sought-after professional speaker and MC, and over 13 years’ experience as an international voice artist, Bonita Nuttall is a consummate media professional.

The Talking Stick Podcast | Bonita Nuttall

In over 20 years’ Bonita Nuttall worth of experience collectively as a speaker, communication coach and mentor, investigative journalist, TV presenter, MC, and voice artist.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s this: authentic connection only happens when we present from the inside out, and that means first connecting to self, then our message and others.

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