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The Rachman Review

The Rachman Review
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Podcast Host: Gideon Rachman

Podcast Description

On The Rachman Review, Gideon Rachman, the Financial Times chief foreign affairs columnist talks to the decision-makers and thinkers who are shaping world affairs.

Gideon Rachman is chief foreign affairs commentator for the Financial Times. Based in London, he translates his extensive travels and remarkable access to world leaders into an insider’s view of global events. He speaks authoritatively about the geopolitics and economics of Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and more.

The Rachman Review

Gideon’s weekly FT column on international politics is renowned for its penetrating and timely analysis of global affairs. He also writes regular features for the paper.

Before joining the FT in 2006, Gideon worked for The Economist for 15 years in a range of roles, including as a foreign correspondent in Brussels, Bangkok, and Washington, and as business editor.

Gideon Rachman most recent book, Easternisation: War and Peace in the Asian Century (2016), concentrates on how the growing wealth of Asia nations is transforming the international balance of power.


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