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Julie Solomon - The Influencer Podcast
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Podcast Host: Julie Solomon

Podcast Description

Hi, I’m Julie Solomon, host of The Influencer Podcast! And I help stars like you shine brighter, even if you don’t think you are one yet!

If there’s one thing I know about you it’s this…YOU are the most important person in your life

This one took me a while to figure out. But when I did, it changed my life forever.

It’s so easy to spend our lives pleasing other people — our children, our friends, our partners, our parents, the list goes on. But the moment we stop and start prioritizing ourselves is when the magic happens. And you really start to shine.

The Influencer Podcast

And this is what I have dedicated my entire career to — helping leaders, content creators and influencers like you shine, so you can find confidence and clarity and be the leader you were born to be.

If you’re looking for inspiration and actionable advice delivered directly to your earbuds, then make yourself comfy and get ready for coaching from me and insights from expert guests to enrich your personal development journey and grow your business and brand.

Discover why people all over the world have called this The Influencer Podcast their go-to for all things influence, impact, and transformational for more than 5 years!


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