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Forever on the Fly

Forever on the Fly
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Podcast Host: Diane Dollar and Jose Hernandez

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Podcast Description

Welcome to your bi weekly dose of aviation inspiration, education, and entertainment with Forever on the Fly podcast. Diane Dollar and Jose Hernandez, both dual rated pilots and US Veterans, host this energetic podcast that will nurture your love for the skies.


Fly through the lives and journeys of some of the industry’s leading experts, popular social media aviators, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and more. Satisfy the aviation nerd within and listen in!


Aviation and Aerospace has long captured the hearts and minds of the world from the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, to the famous Tuskegee Airmen. People have turned their eyes to the sky dreaming of taking flight off to far away places.

Forever on the Fly

We’ve circumnavigated the globe, landed on the moon, landed on Everest, and now with the rise of Unmanned Aircraft and commercial space travel there is a whole new world of opportunity opening up!


We want to show students that it is not just a far away dream to become the person piloting that helicopter or airliners flying by, or to be the mechanic or engineer designing and maintaining these amazing flying machines.


Aviation and Aerospace is ACCESSIBLE. We just need to show students the way through Forever on the Fly!

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