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Find your purpose, build your network and make money doing what you love with Earn Your Happy, a motivation-packed podcast! You’ll think bigger, dig deeper and gain the confidence to go for your (world dominating) goals.

Each week, learn how to get to the next level personally and professionally with host Lori Harder, best-selling author, investor, multi-passionate entrepreneur, and founder of the female funded beverage company Lite Pink, for which Lori raised over $2 million through the strong network she has built.

Earn Your Happy Podcast

Lori will give you a vulnerable, behind-the-scenes look at the challenges of growing a business, the toll it can take on your relationships and mental health, and how to support yourself through it all so you can reach your massive goals.

Be mentored through your earpods on the topics of starting and scaling a company, building a personal brand, manifestation, boundaries, money, fear, relationships and taking the next big leap in life. Get the inside scoop on who you need in your circle, how to find them and the lies you need to stop believing to be successful.

You’ll laugh, cry and feel like you’re not alone in the journey as you Earn Your Happy.

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