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About:  Kathy Caprino

Kathy Caprino, M.A., is an internationally-recognized women’s career and executive coach, writer, leadership trainer and sought-after speaker.

Drawing on her 18 years of experience as a corporate executive, along with her 15 years as a women’s career coach, researcher, Senior Forbes contributor, and trained therapist, she offers women fresh, new thinking and approaches for ‘finding brave’ in their lives and work, to help them access more passion, power and purpose and build careers of reward, significance and impact.

Through her extensive research on the challenges working women face today including the 7 damaging power gaps and how to overcome them — the findings of which are explored in her book Breakdown Breakthrough and her new book The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss (now in the Top 100 “Women in Business” audiobooks from Amazon) from Harper Collins Leadership and Murdoch Books.

Kathy demonstrates a keen ability to get to the root of critical professional and personal issues in an authentic, courageous and compassionate way, and engages audiences with messages and strategies that inspire change and activate bravery and positive power.

Kathy Caprino has spoken at over 300 conferences, events, and organizations and given hundreds of trainings, webinars, and programs to audiences ranging from national women’s organizations, Fortune 500 organizations, teen leadership conferences and workshops, university alumni programs, corporate women’s diversity groups, training groups for female executives and emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, women in transition, and parenting organizations.

Kathy Caprino | Leadership Speaker

She has also taught at the graduate level at New York University, worked with hundreds of women in her Amazing Career Project online course and trained coaches in her Amazing Career Coach Certification course.

In her talks and programs, Kathy shares vital information and material from her writing and interviews with top influencers and thought leaders for her blogs on Forbes.com, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and LinkedIn, from her Finding Brave podcast (which is ranked in the Top 100 Apple Career Podcasts around the world) and from her work and research with over 15,000 professional women.

Kathy Caprino enlivens and empowers professional women of all levels as well as male leaders and managers with motivating strategies, solutions and approaches that address real-world problems with effective, real-life solutions.

Dedicated to helping women ‘find brave’ to rise up, speak up and stand up for their lives, she is passionate about helping women experience more joy, impact and success and in supporting leaders and managers to build work cultures that encourage women to thrive and reach their highest potential.

Kathy Caprino is delighted to work with event organizations and planners to develop tailored programs that are relevant and meaningful to their specific audiences.

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Keynote Topics

Close Your Power Gaps And Reach Your Highest, Most Thrilling Potential


This transformative program is designed expressly for professional women of all levels (and the men and women who lead and manage them) who wish to address and close the 7 damaging power gaps that hold professionals back today from achieving their highest and most thrilling visions and goals for their work and careers.


Drawing on Kathy Caprino new book — The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss (HarperCollins Leadership and Murdoch Books, July 2020) – this power-growth framework has been honed and developed through Kathy’s 16 years of coaching, consulting and leadership training with professionals across 26 countries and 6 continents – and through her work as a senior Forbes contributor, media source and speaker.


Based on experience as a senior executive in the corporate arena and her years as a marriage and family therapist and career & leadership coach — Kathy’s Power Boost framework and model for change helps professional women around the world access more strength, influence, authority and impact so they can reach their highest potential and make the positive difference they long to.


In this program, Kathy Caprino explores what she has found to be the 7 most prevalent power gaps women face, where they came from, and offers specific strategies, solutions and tips for closing those gaps once and for all.


The Key Takeaways from this program are:


  • What are the factors that contribute to women developing these 7 power gaps
  • How are these gaps different for women vs. men and how do they keep us from happier, more successful lives and careers?
  • What are the most effective strategies for building more power and confidence in our work and our lives?
  • How do women address the push-back they receive when they are demonstrating true confidence and assertiveness?
  • How can we communicate with authority and power while retaining our authentic style and approach to managing employees and other work relationships as we wish to?
  • What is the ONE most important step we can take today to access more power and influence, and why is that step so essential to our success?
  • How can we build stronger relationships and support to help us reach our highest and best visions and goals?


Finally, how can we identify our true purpose and leverage that purpose through our existing talents and abilities, to be in service of others and make the difference we long to?


In this program, Kathy Caprino, M.A. – dubbed “America’s Breakthrough Coach” for women — shares critical information culled from her 13 years of research and work with professional women, as well as her work as a Senior Contributor on Forbes, a top media expert on career issues, a former corporate VP, a marriage and family therapist, and career adviser.


Drawing on her in-depth qualitative and quantitative research, and career advising and teaching with over 13,000 women around the world, and her Amazing Career Project courses, Coach Certification training, and leadership development work, Kathy Caprino shares the 5 critical steps that will lead professional women to bravely stand up for who they are, and honor their values, style and priorities more effectively, to achieve the leadership and professional visions they dream of.


And she sheds light on what’s necessary in our cultures, families and organizational systems to foster courage and strength, and build braver and more flexible, diverse and innovative cultures.


Kathy Caprino shares powerful learning too as one who left her unhappy professional identity behind, and totally transformed her own life – forging a totally new path that allowed her to honor her unique passions, talents and values, and a build a thriving business around it.


The role of bravery in leading, managing and inspiring others in powerful and positive ways towards common goals


How true bravery is often suppressed and misunderstood in standard leadership training today

Why intense bravery and commitment is needed to address the challenges of your organization in terms of equality, equity and fairness

The five most damaging blocks to bravery and how to overcome them

  • How our cultural beliefs suppress bravery and sabotage our authentic goal-setting and communication processes
  • The 6 dominant action styles and how to recognize and honor your own while embracing diversity of styles in your organization
  • How bravely leading your own life is an essential precursor to effective organizational leadership
  • Powerful strategies for accessing more bravery, authenticity and empowerment in your work as a leader and inspiring change agent



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